16 Beautiful Backyards You Wish Yours Looked Like


It's so much fun spending time outdoors in the backyard. If you have a pool to splash around in then it's even better! So take a look at these 17 aspirational backyards which will make you change the way you look at your outdoor living space forever. Imagine just how cool it would be to have your own waterslide or outdoor fireplace. Awesome!


What a stunning stone backdrop for a pool party!


Fancy a candlelit swim anyone?


Or how about a built-in rock slide and waterfall in your backyard?


An outdoor fireplace is great to chill beside with friends.


Got a hectic lifestyle? This garden is so Zen it's unreal!


Imagine having your own little bridge over your pond.


Who wouldn't like to chill in this garden.


Revel in the beauty of nature beside your own waterfall surrounded by lush greenery.



An oasis of tranquility.


Loving the waterfall and built-in rock slide!


How about an outdoor indoor pool? Genius!


Barstools in the pool? Yes please!


Check out this awesome covered slide and hot tub filled by a waterfall which then overflows in the pool. Just imagine stepping out your back door into this amazing scene.


How about having this pool and waterfall in your backyard?


Amazingly lit grotto with waterfall – the stuff dreams are made of!

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