21 Funny Instances Of Cats Making Great Use Of Their Gifts

As responsible fur parents, you surely want the best for your fur babies. As such, you do everything you can just to provide them with good food, bed, toys, supplies, and even clothes. There are even times when their supplies cost most than yours. But it’s okay. No amount of money can ever match the joy that they give you. However, there are just instances when they don’t seem to appreciate your gifts at all.

Well, cat owners can probably relate to this conundrum the most. Hence, to make you feel a little better, we’ve compiled a series of funny gifts for cats and their bizarre logic. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them.

“I will never understand cat logic.”

Cat Inside a Box Instead of Its Bed


“Don’t bother buying a bed for your cat.”

Cat Inside a Nike Shoebox

Cats are undoubtedly among the smartest animals. After all, they used to rule in ancient Egypt. In turn, Egyptians worshipped them wholeheartedly by giving them all the finest things. So, it’s just safe to assume that cats do know what they want and what they deserve. Hence, when they ignore your gifts, chances are they don’t find them pleasing. And when they do, they probably won’t let you know either.

Despite their seemingly aloof nature, it’s just so hard to resist their cuteness. That said, they’ll always have a special place in our hearts and homes for sure.

“Finally found a comfy spot around a comfy spot.”

Cat Sitting in Between Two Cat Beds


“It’s just like the sink” they said. Thirty dollars later and my cat is still an asshole.”

Cat Drinking Water from the Sink Instead of Its Water Bowl

So, don’t worry if your feline friends don’t seem to be appreciative of your efforts towards them. Maybe they really are. But if not, then we’re pretty sure that thousands of other cat owners share the same sentiment. See for yourself below and feel a tad better about yourself!

Cat Logic

Cats Lying on Their Beds Instead of Inside It


“That’s it…I’m done..I am done buying things for my cat.”

Cat Sitting Under Cat Bed Hung on Window


“I swear, cats can be comfortable anywhere.”

Cat on Top of a Pink Play Tent


“Sleep inside? Nope. I’m a cat.”

Cat Sitting Outside Its Bed


Cat Logic

Dark Brown Cat Sleeping Outside Its Bed


“$25 cat bed…but she chose the dust pan.”

Cat Sleeping on a Dust Pan Instead on a Cat Bed on Top of a Washing Machine


“Got my cat a bed for Christmas.”

Cat Sitting on a Giftbox


“Got my girlfriend’s cat to use the cat bed.”

Cat Sitting on Its Bed with a Box


Cat Logic

Cat on Top of a Box Instead of Its Toys


“So I bought my cat a scratching post…”

Cat Playing with a Scratching Post


“My cat being a jerk, then laughing at me.”

Smiling Cat Inside a Family Cat Box


“Just bought a cat condo for my cats.”

Cat Peeking from a Box


Cat Logic

Cat Going Inside a Box


“I bought my cat a $40 water fountain and she chose to spill my drink and lick it off the carpet instead.”

Cat Attempted to Drink Water from a Cup Instead of Its Water Bowl


“Bought the cat a new cat bed.”

Cat Sitting on Top of a Paperbag Instead of Its Shark Bed


“Bought my cat a toy to play with. It is now a bed.”

Cat Sitting on Its Toy


Cat Logic

White Cat Sleeping Outside Its Bed