30 Dog Owners Share Photos Of Their Good Boys/Girls Losing Weight

Chubby doggies are cute and cuddly but we have to keep in mind that there’s a risk of obesity in animals. Many pet owners are spreading awareness about the dangers of pet obesity by sharing photos of their dogs losing weight. Studies suggest that at least 30% of dogs in industrialized countries are obese. Obesity is one of the most common nutritional disorders in dogs. As with humans, this condition is caused by an imbalance of taking in more energy than giving out. And as with humans, canine obesity can lead to health problems that may put your dog’s life in jeopardy.

But how can we tell if our beloved pooch is overweight? What causes obesity in canines and what are the potential risks that come with it? More importantly, how can we keep our pet fit and healthy? Let’s admit it, losing weight is one of the most challenging goals to attain, even for us humans. Of course, our pets can’t possibly lose weight on their own. It’s up for their owners to monitor their pet’s weight to make sure they’re in tiptop shape. For obese canines, getting back into shape is doable. Take these photos of dogs losing weight as inspirations to push you towards your goal.


“My 90-Year-Old Neighbor Hasn’t Walked Her Dog In Years So I Volunteered To Do It For Her. So Proud Of Buddy’s Weight Loss”

senior neighbor dogs losing weight


How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Obese?

A dog is obese when it weighs 20% above its ideal body weight. The best way to determine your dog’s ideal weight is to use the Body Condition System (BCS). In this method, the owner uses visual inspection and sense of touch to assess the state of the dog’s body parts including the ribs, waistline and tummy.

The ideal body weight in canines is characterized by palpable ribs without excess fat covering, waist observed behind ribs when viewed from above and abdomen tucked up when viewed from side. A dog is overweight when its ribs are not palpable due to massive fat deposits over its thorax, spine and tail. Furthermore, obese dogs manifest abdominal distention waist and abdominal tuck absent.


“Handsome Ex-Chonker”

obese dogs losing weight


“I Thought I’d Share My Most Popular (And Hotly Debated) Before And After Photo So You Can See How Far I’ve Come”



“If You’re Considering A New Year Resolution, Think About Making Yourself A Priority. From Thick To Svelte”



What Causes Obesity in Canines?

Dogs become overweight because of a combination of factors related to physical, emotional and environmental components. In simpler words, canines typically gain weight because of the excess energy which is stored primarily as fat. Feeding them with table scraps and other fatty treats encourages them to overeat which would later result to weight gain. Moreover, lack of physical activity ultimately contributes to obesity because they were unable to burn excess energy which is then converted into fat. Proper diet and active lifestyle greatly help your dog burn their excess energy, hence preventing any fat deposit from building up.


“For Those Who Haven’t Seen The Before And After…. 86.4 Down To 44.4”



“Before & After. 114 Lbs In 2017 (Halfway Through His Weight Loss Journey) To 75 Lbs In 2019. Looking Good Shiloh”



“Luna Is A 2-Year-Old Rescue We Brought Home About 6 Months Ago, And She Was An Absolute Unit. She’s Lost About Ten Pounds”

good girl doggo gets healthy


Why Dog Obesity Is Dangerous?

As with humans, obesity may shorten a dog’s life and make them more susceptible to diseases. Overweight dogs are likely to develop increased risk for many types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Due to their dense body mass, their bone structure may not be able to support their weight anymore. This may lead to arthritis and torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Overweight canines are also more prone to laryngeal paralysis and breathing difficulty due to the expansion of the chest.


“We Adopted On October 27th. She Was Very Overweight. She’s Lost A Pound A Week And Gained So Much Energy”



“Zeus Is A Proof Anything Is Possible If You Work Hard Enough For It. You Are Looking At 10 Month Difference. 107 Lbs vs. 82 Lbs”



“It Has Taken 2 Years Since We Adopted Her, But Reba Has Dropped More Than Half Her Weight And I Couldn’t Be More Proud Of Her”

overweight dogs losing weight


How Can You Help Your Dog Lose Weight?

Since overeating and inactivity are the main causes of obesity, it is important to feed them only nutritional food that is lower in calories. Remember, it is not appropriate to simply reduce the volume of their current food as this will cause malnourishment. You can seek advice from your local vet to help you determine which nutritional products are best for your dog. You should also consider cutting down on fatty treats and table scraps.

In order to lose weight, proper diet must be coupled with physical exercise to effectively stave off excess fat. Now, this is where your determination is put to the test. Keep in mind that your current lifestyle reflects on your pets as well. If you’re living a sedentary life, your doggo is likely to lack physical exercise too. Lead by example, take your pet for a walk outside or play fetch to keep them active. If you can’t make it outside, you can let them run up and down the stairs with you.


“One Year Ago vs. Today. 19 Lbs vs. 8.2 Lbs. Can You Believe That’s Me?”



“Pics From Shiloh’s Weight Loss Journey. Before (10/16) & After (1/19) – Down 72 Lbs”



“My Friend’s Dog, Gracie, Was Starting To Get A Little Chunky So He Put Her On A Diet. 5 Months Later And Gracie Is Looking Pretty Fit”

obese dog before and after photo

Take note that there are no miracles to losing weight. You only need to follow this simple rule – eat less and exercise more. With your care and guidance, you can save your precious pet from obesity and give them a chance for a happy, healthy life. Let these photos of dogs losing weight motivate you in achieving your goal.


“Even My Face Looks Different. I’m Definitely A Brand New Pup”



“Can You Believe It’s The Same Dog? Pictures Were Taken About 10 Months In Between And 10 Kg Lighter. We Still Can’t Believe Our Eyes”



“My Sister’s Corgi. From 40 Lbs To 22 Lbs”

obese corgi get back into shape


“My Dog Who Lost Half Of His Body Weight”

doggo lost half of his body weight


Owners Share Photos Of Their Dogs Losing Weight



“Look At Wolfgang Go. Weight Loss Progress From June To November”

dogs losing weight before and after
Wolfgang’s Weight Loss Journey


“I’m Actually A Smaller Noah Than I Was 3 Years Ago, But With The Same Huge Personality”



“Scarlet And Simba Before And After Pictures. Scarlet Lost 5 Lbs And Simba Lost 7 Lbs In 3 Months”



Before And After



“Dear Squishy, I Would Carry You Even If You Weighed 1000 Lbs”



“Shiloh Couldn’t Walk More Than 10 Meters Before Having To Stop And Rest. 3 Months Later, She’s Lost 30 Pounds And Can Walk Over 1 Km Without Stopping”

overweight doggo transformation


“Ruby Has Been Dechonkified For A While Now, But I Wanted To Share. She Went From 24.2lbs To 15lbs. She’s Still Obsessed With Food, But I’ll Never Let Her Get Fat Again”

chubby pup dechonkified


“One Whole Year With My Hoomuns. This Is Me A Year Ago Compared To Today”



“Nala Is Ready For Summer. She Lost About 7 Lbs Since She Came To Our Home”

canine obesity before and after transformation


“Bug At Her Chonkiest Vs. Bug Today”



“Eleven Pounds Down Is A Lot For A Chihuahua”



“My Dog’s Weight Loss Journey Over The Past Two Years Is Nothing To Scoff At”



“Harley 6 Months Ago When She First Came To Us Compared To Today!”