Photographer Stefan Draschan Quietly Snaps Museum Visitors That Coincidentally Matched The Artwork

Trips to the museum can get quite boring at times. This may be true for some people who are not a fan of long, quiet walks while marveling at other people’s masterpieces. But for photographer Stefan Draschan, museum trips are not only for appreciating art. He also takes these quiet moments to appreciate other visitors… and their outfits. In his project entitled People Matching Artworks, he features snapshots of people’s clothes matching paintings. And the similarities are pretty uncanny.

Lady in Red Dress Matching Painting


Man in Blue Polo and Pants and Lady in Black Coat Matching Painting

Indeed, some of these pictures look too good to be true. Some even look like they’re perfectly staged. Well, they’re not. The secret behind these picturesque photos? Timing and certainly a lot of patience. Just imagine how long Draschan waits for the right people to come along. In fact, spending one entire day at the museum might not even be enough. Hence, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

Girl in Blue Hoodie with Braids Matching Painting


Lady in Mustard Knit Sweater Matching Painting

And when these people do come along, the result is oddly satisfying and entertaining. A stunning shot that portrays the impeccable composition and striking harmony between them and the artwork they’re looking at. Sometimes, it may even seem like they’ve just walked straight out of the painting itself! While it’s usually their clothes that match the artworks, sometimes it’s also the small details that make big wonders. For instance, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories, and even beards.

Man in Black and Lady in Black with Silver Jacket Matching Painting


Lady with Blue Hair Matching Painting

Somehow, this goes to show that even dressing up is a form of art. And this further gives people the power to be their own creations and masterpieces.

Draschan particularly takes delight in visiting museums in Paris, Vienna, and Berlin. So, if you’re a regular patron of these cities’ galleries, be sure to always dress up in your best museum outfit. Who knows? You might be featured in Draschan’s next batch of People Matching Artworks.

Man in White Polo and Pants Holding a White Tote Bag Matching Sculpture


Man in Red Shirt and Blue Vest with Headphones Matching Painting


Man in Red Matching Painting


Man in Gray Shirt Matching Painting


Man in Floral Shirt with Headphones Matching Painting


Man in Blue Shirt Matching Painting


Man in Black Matching Painting


Man in Beige and Black Striped Polo Matching Painting


Lady with Green Ombre Hair Matching Painting


Lady in Red Floral Dress Matching Painting


Lady in Red Dress Matching Painting 2


Lady in Long Sleeve Top with Painting Print Top Matching Painting


Lady in Green and Black Striped Top Matching Painting


Lady in Denim Dress with Blue and Red Backpack Matching Painting


Lady in Brown Dress with Yellow Hijab Matching Painting


Lady in Blue Top and Red Skirt Matching Painting


Lady in Blue Dress Matching Painting


Lady in Blue Blazer Matching Painting


Lady in Black Top with Headphones Matching Painting

But wait, there’s more. This photographer seems to include a lot of exciting activities in his museum trip itineraries. If you can’t get enough of this collection, wait till you see his series of People Sleeping in Museums!

Source: Stefan Draschan Website | Instagram | Tumblr