Percy Pig Have A Dessert Sauce And Fans Are Oinking With Joy

If you love Marks & Spencer’s iconic Percy Pigs, then you’re in for a treat! Our favorite pig has undergone a major shapeshift, and he’s back in a completely different form. Well, let’s just say that he’s got saucy. Yup, M&S has heard all our prayers and is finally giving us a Percy Pig Sauce.

As you might have expected, the sauce is in a pretty pink color and comes in a rather cute bottle. Just like the gummies, it also has that distinct zesty raspberry and grape flavor. And as with the entire line of Percy Pig sweets, this is also completely vegetarian-friendly. Likewise, it’s also free from artificial coloring and flavoring.

Pancake with Strawberries and Percy Pig Sauce



Mini Pancakes Topped with Percy Pig Sauce and Gummy




As described by Instagram user @kevssnackreviews, “It’s a very sweet, almost tangy sauce with the unmistakable Percy Pig flavor.” We don’t know about you, but that’s enough to convince us that it’s the real deal.


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Percy says Hi! ? ? I managed to nab a bottle of Percy Pig sauce before M&S closed, and I thought why not combine it with another snack I bought to review – Fibre One Birthday Cake slices! This oinky spread thankfully doesn’t contain pork, and is described as “Dessert curd sauce with apple juice” and costs £2. I don’t know how they managed it but it really does taste of Percy Pig! It’s a very sweet, almost tangy sauce with the unmistakable Percy Pig flavour. A bit sickly if you have too much maybe but it’s certainly a fun topping for ice cream and desserts! The Fibre One slices I got from Asda for £1.17 a box, and they’re cake slices with added sprinkles and a white drizzle. They’re sweet and comforting and the Percy Pig sauce jazzed them up perfectly! Are you oinking to get your trotters on this? ? – #percypig #sauce #sauces #fibreone #sprinkles #ukfood #newfood #mands #marksandspencer #marksandspencers #foodvideos #foodvideo #foodys #foodies #junkfood #foodvid

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However, don’t get too carried away with drizzling it over your favorite treats. As per @sweetreviewsuk, it is indeed “super sweet and sharp.” So, you would only need a small amount with every bite. But if you love it that much, then feel free to Percify your desserts to the highest level possible.


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REVIEW – So many of you have probably seen by now that @marksandspencerfoodpr have launched a Percy Pig dessert sauce ??? ? For any Percy Pig fan this must be the ultimate dream, now you can have Percy Pigs on everything! We chose to try it on a Vanilla Cheesecake as we thought the combination would work and wow was it indulgent! The sauce does actually taste of Percy Pigs, but is super sweet and sharp and you only need a tiny amount as it is really strong. Not a bad thing though if you love Percy Pigs! ? We love this sauce and think it would also work really well on ice cream, or a vanilla sponge cake, we even think you could mix it in with buttercream and create a Percy pig flavour icing for cake ? You could probably pretty much use it on anything ?? ? It is priced at £2 which is expensive, however the 290g bottle will it will go a long way. Its also suitable for Vegetarians! We suggest you get down to M&S sharpish as we predict this will sell out quick! ? ? ? #mands #percypig #dessertsgram #dessert #icecream #saucey #marksandspencer #marksandspencers #foodhall #tasty #sweet #sweetsauce #percy #pig #sweets

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We’re pretty sure that it would go well with other Percy Pig treats. But we highly recommend partnering it with cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, crepes, ice cream, and well, just about everything. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and creative, why not create your own Percy-inspired dessert and top it with a good drizzle of this delicious sauce?





For just £2, you’ll get 290g of this yummy fruity delight, and it will surely go a long way. In fact, it might even be the best deal that you could get for just £2. Unfortunately, the sauce is currently not available online. So, you’ll have to head to your local M&S to grab a bottle or two of this sweet sauce.

Source: M&S