Blazin’ Hot Is A New Dipping Sauce By Hidden Valley And It’s Not For The Faint-Hearted

We hope you can handle the heat of the new Hidden Valley Blasted Blazin’ Hot Dipping Sauce. How does a tempting combo of ranch dressing and hot sauce sound? We can just imagine the divine creaminess of ranch dip and the spiciness of hot sauce. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds with Hidden Valley’s latest offering.

Last year, the ranch dressing brand released its mouthwatering line of its Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauce in three flavors. It includes Zestier Ranch, Bold Buffalo and Ranch-Dipped Pizza flavors. This year, the brand is introducing a new addition to the Blasted line. And the new hot flavor is definitely the hottest way to spice up your meal.


Hidden Valley Blasted Blazin’ Hot Dipping Sauce

hidden valley blasted blazin' hot
Hidden Valley

Take your fries, tacos and burgers to the next level with this dipping sauce. And put your taste buds on fire with every dip. The sauce features a blend of buttermilk, habanero pepper, onion and vinegar flavors. If you’re wondering how hot a habanero pepper is, imagine this – it would be 140 times hotter than the jalapeño. The brand claims that the sauce is so hot it’ll melt your face off in the ranchiest way possible. Of course, spicy food lovers would think that as an enticement rather than a warning.

hidden valley blasted dipping sauce


hidden valley blazin' hot with habanero pepper
Hidden Valley | Pixabay

Just like any other flavors in the Blasted line, the new flavor also makes a classic (and a lot spicier) dip, topping or condiment on your favorite foods. You can pair it with chicken wings, veggie salad, pizza, casseroles, breads, chicken nuggets, chips and more. It comes in a 12 oz squeeze bottle allowing you to easily drizzle it over your favorite snack. You can find this creamy, spicy dipping sauce at Target, Walmart and H-E-B, although it appears to be not available online. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“We love the spicy in this dipping [sauce]. Goes well with deep fried [snacks].”

Source: Hidden Valley | Target