Intriguing Redneck Christmas Hacks

Though it’s a label typically associated with certain folk hailing from the southern states of the US, people the world over have embraced the ‘redneck’ spirit. Why? Because although rednecks are often the butt of jokes and taunts, no one can deny they come up with some pretty ingenious homemade gadgets and DIY contraptions. And now that’s it’s nearly Christmas time, rednecks everywhere are using their noggins to come up with brilliant hacks. Take a look!

Beer Can Angel.

Shotgun Shell Lights.

Christmas Twinkies.

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

Solo Cup Wreath.

Shotgun Shell Tree Lights.

Beer Can Tree.

Giant Super Mega Tree.

Root’n Toot’n Gift.

Caps And Tires.


Plunger Tree.

Way to carve a ham.

Beer Cap Ornaments.

Tumbleweed Tree.

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