Up Your Game This Valentine’s Day With Heart-Shaped Chicken Nuggets

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no way around it: it’s officially love month. And, as expected, retailers have launched into full Valentine mode as soon as the months switched at the stroke of midnight. Aldi, for one, has introduced heart-shaped chicken nuggets for the occasion. Officially called the ‘Love Nuggets’, Aldi’s delicious Valentine’s offering joins all other love symbol-inspired items like chocolates and flowers.

Lately, flower bouquets have become over-rated. More and more ladies are choosing food over flowers. And it’s totally understandable – you can’t eat flowers after all. That’s why bouquets consisting of food items have become more and more popular. This nifty new trend lets you hit two birds with one stone without compromising your lady’s happiness. And if she love nuggets, Aldi’s 20-piece Love Nuggets should make the perfect bouquet!

heart-shaped chicken nuggets


Have yummy Valentine’s Day with Aldi’s heart-shaped chicken nuggets

The special nuggets retail for only £1.99 at Aldi stores. Each bag contains 20 adorable nuggets for you to share with those who hold a special place in your heart. It’s sure to make a gorgeously delicious snack bouquet, if you’re up for some cooking and DIY. It’s certainly quite the deal, with every nugget works out to cost just 10p! It’s definitely a deal you can’t miss out on!

Of course if you’re celebrating this holiday solo, there’s no shame in eating all 20 nugs yourself either. In fact, these heart-shaped morsels make the perfect companion for that romcom movie marathon you’ve probably planned with your bestie. If you’re currently on the market for Valentine’s Day meal deals that won’t break the bank, then you’d best check out the rest of Aldi’s offerings. Their deal’s the most affordable option at just £10, compared to other retailers who’s deals range from £15 to £20.







The romantic nuggets will be hitting shelves on February 11th, and they reportedly won’t be restocking when they sell out, so you’d better be quick on your feet! The discount retailer’s got 830 locations and you can use their store locator tool to find the nearest you.