People Have Been Sharing Funny Snapchats Of Birds And We Can’t Get Enough

How about some funny bird Snapchats to brighten up your day? Animals never fail to amaze us in so many ways. And we’re not only referring to cats and dogs but to all animals including our feathered friends. We bet you can still remember our hilarious post about birds being jerks. But not all birds are jerks, actually. Most of them are really cute, lovable, and funny.

Believe it or not, birds rank fourth in the list of the most popular pets in the world. Just like cats and dogs, birds also make wonderful pets because they are quite intelligent. Furthermore, these winged companions are low maintenance and easy to take care of. Not to mention, they can also be affectionate and sweet to their owners. Besides, they make the most ideal pet option if you’re allergic to fur. If you’re still not convinced that birds make great pets then let these funny photos change your mind.


Funny Bird Snapchats

Due to their friendly and gentle nature, birds are considered well-suited to being a companion. What’s more, where can you find an animal companion that can learn how to talk? There are around 18,000 species of birds. Among these vast number of bird species, the budgerigars (parakeets), parrots, cockatiels, cockatoos and caiques are the most popular pet choices. And this is mainly because of their friendliness and their ability to mimic human language.

But apart from their ability to talk, pet owners also say that having a bird as a companion is truly delightful. They are fun to be with and you can never get bored with their company. These Snapchats just prove how hilarious they can be. By nature, these playful creatures can be slightly mischievous at times. But that only adds to their overall charm. Besides, we’d rather have a mischievous companion than a boring one, right?

We’ve compiled some of the funniest Snapchats to show you that these winged creatures aren’t all jerks. Well, they actually have their ‘jerk’ switch and can turn into ‘masters of mischief’ whenever they feel like it. But a little mischief can make everything more fun. Let these adorable birds and their silly shenanigans tickle your funny bones.