14 Hilarious First-Date Disaster Tweets That Will Leave You Cringing – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on hilarious first date disaster tweets that will leave you cringing! We are actually in shock reading these stories and it’s safe to say our guard is now fully up when it comes to dating! Some people these days really do say the oddest things and behave in the strangest ways. Do you have an awkward fail or disaster date of your own that is more outrageous than the ones featured here? Share it with others in the comment section below!

At least there was a happy ending…

What a prince charming…

Who does this? Crazy!

Can’t say we blame him to be honest!

Run Rebecca, run…

How dare he! 

Don’t let your inner stalker show straight away!



20 bucks is a lot! Must have been a really bad date…

Interesting. Suppose this would be alright if you like cats!


At least he paid for your taxi! Fail!

Pay him back in installments!