These New Nutter Butter And Nilla Puddings Are Sprinkled With Crushed Cookies

Adding cookie crumbles on top of pudding doesn’t only add more flavor but it also adds some crunch to each spoonful. Nabisco and Raymundo’s joined forces to make our lives easier by giving us the new Nutter Butter and Nilla Puddings. These new treats come complete with a cup of creamy pudding and crushed up cookies that you can mix into the pudding. How convenient is that?

These new yummy desserts offer two delicious ways to enjoy our favorite snack. Each variety consists of a matching pudding and cookie combo so you can enjoy your favorite flavor even more. The Nutter Butter variety is chocolate peanut butter pudding. Then the dessert is topped with crushed up Nutter Butter cookies. While the Nilla variety is banana pudding. The pudding is then topped with crushed up Nilla cookies.


Nutter Butter and Nilla Puddings

Of course, the cookie pieces are meant to be mixed into the pudding. But if you prefer to eat the creamy pudding and the crunchy cookies separately then you can. Each variety comes in 4-packs with 4-oz cups. On top of each cup is a separate section which contains the cookie crumbles.




Be on the lookout because these new puddings are hitting stores now. People have spotted them in major retailers including Stop and Shop, Walmart and Giant. Hopefully they’re already available at your nearest grocery store. So, don’t forget to check out the refrigerated aisle first thing on your next essential trip.



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Warning!! Review may increase the risk of you being a fat ass!! @raymundosdesserts has partnered with @mondelez_international for two special creations. One Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding and one Nutter Butter Chocolate PB Pudding. This is Nilla with Banana Pudding. The Nilla wafer pieces are the original yummy vanilla flavor, combined with a semi sweet custard with my favorite artificial banana taste. The wafers and custard pair incredibly well here. Expectations are met precisely!! We wanted a vanilla/banana tasting pudding and that’s what we got(no bullshit)??? If you love an artificial banana taste like me, this one is right up your ally. Take that natural banana flavor loving ass elsewhere??????..(Natural taste better as a BANANA not dessert) I found both flavors at Stop and Shop in the dairy aisle. got one flavor just in case it tasted like complete crap..LOL????? Will you try these two collab flavors?? BTW::Shared the barcode for those who can not find it(image2) #raymundosdesserts #nillawafers #bananapudding #amazeballs

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