You Can Now Be The Proud Owner Of A Fluffy Mini Cow

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind pet? How about a mini cow? Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing a household pet. Most people still prefer the companion of common pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, and rabbits. But some people also enjoy taking care of rather unusual pets such as chickens, snakes, chinchillas, tarantulas, monkeys, and even skunks. So you see, the competition is increasing and this is no longer a cat-versus-dog rivalry anymore.

But what really makes an amazing household pet? If you look at the names of the pets stated earlier, it’s easy to see what they have all something in common. They all have a manageable size that allows owners to take good care of them easily. Could you possibly manage to take care of large-sized animals such as cows, camels, horses, or elephants inside your house? We bet you couldn’t, no matter how huge your house is. But cow lovers can now rejoice because they can now have a fluffy mini cow as a pet.

Small-breed or miniature cattle breeds exist and you only need to see one mini cow to fall in love with them completely. Miniature cattle can only grow to about 30 to 40 inches which is relatively small for a cow. Hence, their size is much the same as large-sized dogs. And just like dogs, miniature cows are also affectionate and sociable animals that are easy and safe to work with. So, where can we get these cute, fluffy miniature cows?

Lovely Little Ones, a miniature cattle breeder located in Eastern Colorado, is raising quality miniature cows and training them to be exceptional pets. This farm specializes in developing miniature cattle which includes training them to be around adults and children. Additionally, their adorable calves are already halter broke. They can make great indoor pets and, of course, as farm animals too.

miniature cattle indoor pet


small-breed cattle in cute pink dress

A mini cow can mow your small pastures and produce fertilizer.  Plus, these small-sized farm animals could bring a great way to teach your kids some useful agricultural fundamentals. Although these small-breed cattle are specially trained to live indoors, owners are still advised to graze them on the open.

mini cow as a pet


mini cow indoor pet

miniature cattle as pets


mini cow dog-like size

If you want to have a mini cow of your own, visit the farm’s website to get on their waiting list. You need to understand that miniature cattle are rare and in great demand. Getting on their waiting list earns you a spot on their priority list. Once a calf is born, the first client on their list will have the chance to buy that calf. Clients have the right to refuse a calf without losing their spots. In order to register into their waiting list, you are required to deposit $500 per animal. The deposited amount will be then applied to the actual price of the calf.

Source: Lovable Little Ones