Tattoo Artist Ayhan Karadag Creates Cute Tattoos That Look Like They Should Be In A Children’s Storybook

Tattoos have gone a long way from being taboo. Back then, they used to a be symbols of rebellion and toughness. In fact, they were enough to instill fear in anyone one who sees it. But nowadays, we’re seeing more and more cute tattoos emerging courtesy of creative tattoo artists. And one of them is Turkish tattoo artist Ayhan Karadag. His creations come alive in a rather whimsical way, as though he had plucked them right out of a children’s storybook and slapped it on his client’s skin.

Deciding to get a tattoo is a defining moment. It’s a pretty big deal, this body art stays with us permanently. This means that choosing what design goes onto your skin must be carefully considered. It’s a great way to express yourself without speaking. Plus, it’s a really great conversation starter. Nowadays, there are more types of tattoos than before. Gone are the days where the only choice was getting it in black: various techniques have allowed for artists to recreate watercolor painting styles on their client’s skin. We’re totally loving the trend of dainty tattoos as well!

cat relaxes on a cherry blossom tree branch


art deco style tattoo


blue orchid cute tattoos


cat catches stars while sitting on a cloud


cat catching shooting stars cute tattoo


Ayhan Karadag’s cute tattoos look like storybook illustrations

Ayhan’s whimsical style showcases various characters – from baby animals, children, and most importantly, nature. He’s also paid tribute to a few famous Disney characters like Bambi. But the majority of his work displays more of his original characters. When asked for the reason he chose to create such cute tattoos, the artist said,

“While making art, I realized that a person’s body is the most valuable material and that I want to make people happy when they look at my work on their bodies. I don’t think there’s anything more gratifying than carrying the fairy tale design that one imagines on his body all his life.”

cute lion king inspired tattoo


bambi tattoo


despicable me and gentlecats mashup tattoo


baby minnie sits on a cloud while holding an earth rattle tattoo


This Turkish tattoo artist also makes cute family tattoos

a mother and baby giraffe


baby and mama whale


baby elephant presents a bouquet of wild flowers to his mom cute tattoos


The friendship between animals, nature, and humans is also one of his favorite subjects

meditating girl supported by cat tattoo


girl smiles at the beach


girl listens to music while accompanied by a bird


girl flies a plane together with her cat


cat catches shooting stars while his human and cat friend nap


He designs every adorable tattoo himself

“In my work I love to tell fairytale stories which happen in our dreams, intertwined with nature and animals. I’m passionate about nature and animals because I believe that the more dependent we are on nature, the more free we are as individuals.”

Some of Ayhan’s favorite subjects include baby animals, children, and even some celestial and botanical elements. Each design features delicate lines and soft, yet vibrant colors. Ayhan made endearing family portraits on some clients. Another prevalent motif of his appears to show young ladies in some other-worldly setup. You can follow Ayhan on Instagram to see more of his fantastic work.

magical koi fish


panda on a rocking horse tattoo


kitten plays with paper boats


kitten flies with a red balloon to the stars


galaxy inside a balloon cute tattoos


cute tattoos cheery and olive tree by ayhan karadag


cute tattoos colorful bird sits atop a cherry branch


different plants in one stem cute tattoo


His tattoos celebrate the extraordinary

girl rides a vespa loaded with flowers


girl paints rainbow


girl sits on top of the world


frieda kahlo-inspired tattoo


balloon planets lift girl up in the air

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