Incredible Shadow Art Created In Such A Unique Way


When you first look at these works of art, you might just see random objects, or maybe even piles of junk, but the beauty of these pieces doesn't lie in the items themselves but in the shadows they cast. When light is shined on them from a certain direction, a shadow is cast and the secret image locked within these items is revealed. It's all incredibly impressive and we can't even begin to imagine what a precise and painstaking process it is to complete these works. We thought making a shadow bunny rabbit with our hands was tricky enough! The results are definitely worth all the effort, though.


We're really not even sure how these numbers can make the shadow of a woman. It's super cool, though!



Old cans and other trash make up this city skyline.


This ship shadow is incredible.




This shadow gentleman looks extremely dapper.




Shadows for freedom. This one is awesome.



Technically, this is reverse shadow art, but it's still great! 


This kitty shadow is insane!