The Skull Pineapple And Bone Pumpkin Halloween Decorations Are A Hit With Shoppers

How far can your $15 take you? We can say it can take your Halloween to a whole new level because it would only take you that much to have this creepy skull pineapple. Target’s Hyde & Eek! Collection has been the hottest crave this upcoming Halloween season. From Halloween costumes to Halloween decors, this collection has all the scary (and cute) stuffs for you. One of the bestselling items in the collection is the skull pineapple. But why is it so popular? Wherever you look at it, there’s nothing about this juicy tropical fruit that is creepy. If anything, pineapple is the symbol of good cheer and warmth. So, no one would deem this fruit as a thing of the macabre. But not until now.

target skull pineapple

When Target introduced the skull pineapple as a part of the Hyde & Eek! Collection, people immediately fell in love with it. Who would’ve thought that scary and sweet could go well together? This indoor décor is entirely made of resin featuring embossed skulls all over the fruit. Instead of the usual fresh green leaves, the skull pineapple has black leaves at the top for a more ghastly effect. It has a flat bottom so you can place it on a variety of flat surfaces. But that’s not all. This decorative Halloween ornament also has a light-up feature that will surely grab everyone’s attention. Two of the skulls have light-up eyes and another one can be seen from the leaves. The LED lights are powered by a lithium battery which is included in the item.

target skull pineapple customer photo


target skull pineapple light-up feature



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The skull pineapple is available here. But as we said earlier, this is one of the fastest-selling items in the collection. As a matter of fact, this product is temporarily out of stock both online or in-stores. You can check back regularly to see when it’s back and we could only hope that Target would restock soon. If you prefer to stick with the conventional pumpkin rather than the unconventional pineapple then the Bone Pumpkin décor is for you. It is currently in stock and available here for only $8. You can also browse the entire Hyde & Eek! Collection and find your ideal Halloween decors and costumes.

target bone pumpkin halloween decor