Target Releases Inclusive Halloween Costume Collection For Kids With Disabilities

The spookiest night of the year where kids get bagfuls of candy is almost here. Which means that kids and enthusiastic grown-ups everywhere cannot wait to slip into their spooky alter-egos! But for the occasion can sometimes be a more challenging for others. Over the years, creative non-profits and artistic parents have been creating inclusive Halloween costumes for little ones with disabilities. But now, dressing up children with special needs is easier thanks to the Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes!

This year, differently-abled children can choose among the four costume options that the retailer has included in their Hyde and Eek! Boutique. These elaborate ensembles transform everything from walkers to wheelchairs into holiday props and allow your special darlings to have all the fun they can have!

The Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes provide adorable, affordable, and easy to put on.

Julie Guggemos, senior vice president, Owned Brand Management and Product Design, for Target, in the official release, explained that:

“Every child deserves to bask in the fun of special moment. And at Target, we’re out to make sure even more kids get the chance this Halloween. We’ve seen how little design details in our Cat & Jack adaptive appareland Pillowfort sensory-friendly pieces can have a huge impact. Now we’re bringing that same spirit of inclusivity to our new Hyde & EEK! Boutique kids’ costumes. We hope these creations will spark some huge smiles – and bring a little extra joy to our guests’ everyday lives.”

With the Target Inclusive Halloween Costume, wheelchairs can be transformed into a pirate ship or princess carriage.

Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes princess carriage


princess wheelchair costume


Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes pirate


Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes pirate details

These cleverly creative wheelchair covers are conveniently cut into several sizes to fit the trick-or-treater’s wheelchair. The carriage wheelchair cover  and pirate ship wheelchair cover are currently on sale for $33.75 from the regular $45 price tag.

Additionally, Target also offers costumes that go perfectly with the wheelchair covers to complete the costume.

Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes pink princess


Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes pirate sans ship attachment

The elegant princess costume (now currently on sale for $15!) features a crown and a pretty pink gown that features an opening in the back for easy dressing. Meanwhile, boys can transform into a sea-conquering pirate with the pirate costume (now currently on sale for $18.75!) with the set’s striped pants, matching pirate shirt, vest, and pirate hat!

Furthermore, Target’s Inclusive Halloween costumes also has something for children with special sensory sensitivities.

Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes purple unicorn


Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes shark for sensory impaired


Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes shark


Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes unicorn

And if your tiny tots are a bit sensitive, they’ll definitely love Target’s adorable plush onesies! The plush costumes come in a variety of designs. These unicorn and shark costumes feature flat seams and come without tags to ensure the child’s comfort in the costume. Moreover, parents and children alike will be pleased to know that these costumes come in toddler and kid’s sizes. Both the unicorn and the shark costumes are currently on sale for $12.50 from their original $25!

The plush costumes are also functional.

Target Inclusive Halloween Costumes onesies with details

So, if you’re still trying to figure out what to dress up your special child in, you might want to head on over to Target and see what they’ll like! They’ll definitely have a great time going around the neighborhood, all dressed up! Don’t miss out on the candy, fun, and memories!

Source: Target