This Lord Of The Rings Fire Pit Lets You Cook Your Marshmallows Over The Fires Of Mount Doom

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel, there’s one ring to rule them all. But this summer, this Lord of the Rings fire pit is one ring to burn them all. It is inspired by the One Ring from the iconic fantasy adventure novel and film. But unlike the evil ring, this ring should bring them all, not in darkness, but in light. It might also help you get the perfect grill for your summer BBQ. And you don’t have to worry about Sauron ruining your party.

This Lord of the Rings fire pit features a giant replica of the most powerful artifact ever created in Middle-earth. It also features the same Black Speech inscription of the original artifact from the film. So when you light the fire, the flame inside the pit makes the inscription glow to give it a more magical appearance. The pit is made with a combination of 16 gauge steel and 10 gauge steel. It measures 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches high.


Lord of the Rings Fire Pit

lord of the rings fire pit inscriptions

This One Ring-inspired fire pit is available in raw steel (without finish) and with a heat resistant paint. Take note that raw steel may rust when exposed to elements. So, we highly recommend painting it with rust preventative enamel to ensure longevity. Or you can opt for the one with heat resistant paint to eliminate the need to buy extra paints. Simply place the ring on a dry ground, add some firewoods inside, light a fire, and watch as the One Ring comes to life. You can also place it on top of your existing concrete fire pit to add a geeky flair to your backyard.

one ring inspired fire pit


lord of the rings fire pit


lord of the rings fire pit steel metal


lotr backyard pits

We’ve found another version of the Lord of the Rings fire pit with additional detail. This 16-gauge metal ring measures 30 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches high which is not much different from the previous one. But this version features Sauron’s mask suspended above the pit by a metal arc. With large flame engulfing the mask, it appears as if Sauron emerges from the fire. Including the mask, this pit measures 4 feet 6 inches high.

lord of the rings fire pit sauron mask


sauron outdoor grill


lotr outdoor pits sauron mask


lord of the rings fire pit with sauron mask

Both versions don’t come with grill. But whichever you prefer, these stunning fire pits are guaranteed to make every LOTR fans jealous. Or perhaps you’re a Star Wars fan? Then check out this Death Star or this Millennium Falcon fire pit.

lotr backyard pits glowing inscriptions


lord of the rings fire pit sauron

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