This Couple Has Been Recreating Famous Movie Scenes While In Lockdown And It’s Hilarious

Regardless of how you feel about the current pandemic lockdown, one thing’s for sure—it has left many of us with a lot of time on our hands. Instead of simply succumbing to boredom, it’s good to see that people are finding more creative ways to beat it. Recently, we’ve witnessed how a couple managed to curate a miniature art gallery for their pet gerbils. This time, get ready to bask in Hollywood glory as another couple recreates iconic scenes from famous movies.

Norbert and Fanni from Hungary are entertaining the online world with their on-point iterations of popular movie scenes. From comedy and romance to action and horror, it seems like there’s not a genre that the duo couldn’t tackle.



Couple Recreates Scene from Ghost
Fanni Kovács


Star Wars

Couple Recreates Famous Movies Star Wars
Fanni Kovács



Couple Recreates Scene from Hannibal
Fanni Kovács

But unlike typical production studios, the two don’t have ridiculously high budgets to work around with. So, they simply make do with the items that they have in their cupboards and closets. And with the lockdown in effect, people just couldn’t help but admire their resourcefulness and efforts even more.


Shawshank Redemption

Couple Recreates Scene from Shawshank Redemption
Fanni Kovács


Pulp Fiction

Couple Recreates Scene from Pulp Fiction
Fanni Kovács


Indiana Jones

Couple Recreates Scene from Indiana Jones
Fanni Kovács

According to Fanni, it was their love for movies that inspired them to take on this fun project.


“I am a huge movie buff and Norbi loves movies from the ’70s and ’80s, so our love for the craft is what inspired this series. When we were still at university, we loved dressing up whenever we had the chance so thanks to those days, we have had a lot of accessories and costumes.”


Harry Potter

Couple Recreates Scene from Harry Potter
Fanni Kovács


Forrest Gump

Couple Recreates Scene from Forrest Gump
Fanni Kovács

Sadly, as with any other performers, the couple admitted that the pandemic has been taking a toll on their career.


“Norbi and I are performers and entertainers. We mostly work with events, so the pandemic has interfered with our plans a lot. For example, we are the leaders of an improvisational theatre called Improvokál.”


Love Actually

Couple Recreates Scene from Love Actually
Fanni Kovács


Brokeback Mountain

Couple Recreates Scene from Brokeback Mountain
Fanni Kovács


First Blood

Couple Recreates Scene from First Blood
Fanni Kovács

Nonetheless, they just choose to make the most of their time in quarantine. Aside from creating online content, the couple also keeps themselves busy by sewing facemasks, learning languages, and cleaning the house. Fanni also shared how she and Norbert are managing to cope with the crisis.


“Even though it’s a bit more difficult than usual, we always keep in mind that we have to be flexible in these extreme situations and we have to look for new possibilities. Maintaining our creativity aside, our main goal is to put a smile on people’s faces during these hard times.”

Keep scrolling down to see more of the lovely couple’s incredible iterations of famous movie scenes!


Wreck-It Ralph

Couple Recreates Famous Movies Wreck It Ralph
Fanni Kovács


The Shining

Couple Recreates Famous Movies The Shining
Fanni Kovács


The Kid

Couple Recreates Famous Movies The Kid
Fanni Kovács



Couple Recreates Famous Movies Scarface
Fanni Kovács



Couple Recreates Famous Movies Up
Fanni Kovács



Couple Recreates Famous Movies Rocky
Fanni Kovács


Men in Black

Couple Recreates Famous Movies Men in Black
Fanni Kovács


Iron Man

Couple Recreates Famous Movies Iron Man
Fanni Kovács


Fight Club

Couple Recreates Famous Movies Fight Club
Fanni Kovács



Couple Recreates Famous Movies Commando
Fanni Kovács

Source: Fanni Kovács