You Can Now Buy a Suitcase With Your Best Mate’s Face on

You have to bear with all the loneliness when you have to travel all by yourself. But not anymore. Although you can’t bring your best friend with you physically, you can bring his/her face with you instead. Let’s all rejoice because now you can get a friends face printed suitcase. It’s like your best buddy is always there with you wherever you go!

suitcase face

Firebox offers personalized suitcases called Head Cases in which you can print your pal’s face on the suitcase cover. Choose the size of your choice (small, medium, large) with price ranging from £19.99 ($25) to £29.99 ($38). Simply upload a high-quality photo that you would like to appear on the suitcase cover. If you live within UK, you can have your Head Case after 7 – 9 working days. For orders outside UK, delivery may take 10 – 14 working days.


The choice of photo is not only limited to your best friends. In fact, you can use any photos you want. Be it your own face, your partner’s face, your dog’s face, the possibility is endless. The main idea here is to make your luggage more recognizable in order to prevent you from losing it. Some people are using several types of labels such as colored tapes or ribbons to identify their baggage. But these may not be enough to completely prevent your suitcase from being mistakenly picked by other travelers. Now, imagine your suitcase that features your own face along the luggage conveyor. We guarantee you, no one would mistake it as theirs and you’ll be able to easily spot it even from afar.


For optimal result, make sure that you upload the right size according to the suitcase size of your choice. For example, if you choose the large size measuring 81cm tall, you can adjust the photo to this size and see how it turns out. If it turns out distorted or pixilated, you better choose another photo with a higher quality.

Get your personalized suitcase now!

Aside from personalized suitcases, Firebox also offers customized printed doormats, pillow cases, mushions, beach towels, and more.