Suitcase Picnic Table

Now you can set up a picnic in style with this portable picnic table, packs neatly away inside the suitcase and only weighs 22lbs. No more eating on the floor with the bugs!

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  1. Maggie Lockman Laviolette

    ok I want one of these.

  2. Stephanie Bubba Nelson

    what? sick!

  3. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  4. Mo Raja

    this is going straight in my car boot 😀

  5. Anastasia Leigh Larsen Nowicki

    I want this.

  6. Chan Chan

    this is amazing!

  7. Stacey Smith

    I really like this and kinda want it for camp…. hint hint… birthday… hehe

  8. Becky Cramer

    I think i need this for the front deck… 🙂

  9. Della Norman


  10. Sherri Filley

    Have table, will travel.

  11. Archie L. Smith Jr.

    I need this!!

    • Archie L. Smith Jr.

      Phyllis Moore

  12. Lauren Omnomnom Moses

    seems an excessive price as the blue version is about 25 gbp.

  13. Barbara Cabral Broccoli

    I have one very easy set up and we bring it on our boat :0)
    Bought one for my hubby

  14. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    This is an good table set.

  15. Scott McNamee

    what's with the prices on this site. This table, £20/$40 in most uk camp shops, various designs/colours.

  16. Michelle Mahon

    I want this

  17. Cali Bange

    I want one!

  18. Kai Jud

    I like this..very cool

  19. Tyler Scott

    this would be good for bbqs

  20. Kai Jud

    Tyler Scott true…my thoughts also

  21. Nore Bemma Be Ligion

    The suitcase should have wheels….then it would be perfect.

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