Pinterest Fails That Will Make You Feel Like A Crafting Boss

Crafting is a real talent. Unfortunately things don’t always turn out the way you want them to but what matters is that you try your best. ‘Pinterest’ is a great site for finding cool ideas for all sorts of things. Here we have a selection of images that show amusing ‘expectations vs reality’ fails. From a wonky dinosaur cake to reindeer cookies that no person would ever want to eat, these disasters are hilarious! Take a look, these photos are sure to make you feel far better about your own crafting attempts! 

This dinosaur cake is perfect for a birthday party.

This one isn’t!

What a yummy looking breakfast!

Maybe they should keep practising!

Such a lovely necklace!

What a sad-looking attempt at recreating it.

Yummy-looking paleo bread.

Maybe it tastes better than it looks?

These Minecraft cupcakes look amazing!

These, not so much.

Rudolph and his friends look great!

But, what are these?

The most perfect food on earth… strawberry fudge.

We’d still be tempted to eat this.