Exciting Photos That Were Taken Completely By Accident

The most unpredictable things can happen in the most unexpected place and time. Under those circumstances, we can still capture some exciting photos despite unforeseeable turn of events. Taking a great picture can turn out in a different manner than we expect. We want to capture the most memorable moments of our lives. But sometimes, unexpected circumstances can either ruin or perk up a picture. We have gathered the most exciting photos showing that rare coincidences and accidents can be hilarious at times.


One lucky photographer was able to capture this a second before the bird bit him. Not so lucky I guess.

The rainbow was supposed to be the subject of this picture. But the lightning steals the spotlight.

Hogwarts’ postal service was caught on camera. Seems like someone got a new message from the School of Wizardry.

The ceiling’s reflection on the window makes it look like a mysterious object floating in the sky.

Oooppss… there goes my eyeglasses.

Dogs don’t look so adorable when they’re caught yawning on camera.

The couple reflected on the sunglasses asked this lady to take a picture of them. This is how it turned out. Well at least they’re still on the photo.

Accidents and coincidences caught on camera


Alien abduction? Nope. It’s just an overexposed photo of a tower .

The father of this family set the camera timer to capture one awesome family photo. If only he could run faster, they could have gotten the best family picture ever.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been the center of public attention in the recent years. But that guy in between them will get his share of attention somehow.

This flame closely resembles Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Or are they real?

Ice creams are not meant to be pictured, they are meant to be eaten. At least this bird knows better.

Let’s drop the baby in 3… 2…

This octopus doesn’t want its picture taken. So it grabbed the camera and took the picture of the photographer instead. The octopus wins.

You can’t blame the spider here. It just wants a selfie with these girls. What’s wrong with that?