Perfectly Timed Photos Snapped Seconds Before Disaster Struck

It’s inevitable in life that we all mess up every now and again. Sometimes this is due to bad luck and other times this is down to our own bad judgments. More often than not, such occurrences aren’t captured on camera, which can make a situation considerably less embarrassing. However, thankfully for us, sometimes they are! It’s not nice to laugh at people when they are in distress, but sometimes it just can’t be helped! Jokes aside though, we do hope that no one in these images were left seriously injured physically or emotionally! Take a look! 

A water balloon mid explosion…

The moment you know you’re about to get hurt but can’t do anything about it…

This image could inspire a hilarious Photoshop battle!

A horrifying moment for anyone to face…

These images are making us feel a whole lot better about the bad day that we thought we were having!

How did the cat get there in the first place without destroying everything?!

The moment before this guy became very wet, very cold and probably very annoyed! 

We wonder who was controlling the laser! 

Some of these incidents would definitely have left a mark or two! Hopefully the injuries faded and the people involved were able to see the amusing sides to these situations. After all, how can anyone look at these images without laughing?

If only this was a video and not a still image…

girl falling off of swing


Well, that’s definitely going to leave a nasty mark! 

The woman still doesn’t seem to have processed the fact she is falling! 

The first shot of a husband and wife snowball fight war!

It was at this moment, the penny dropped that contact lenses may have been a better option… 

Although the people involved in the photos probably weren’t too thrilled with their mishaps, we think it’s great that photographic evidence was caught.

Well, this is unlucky! 

She’s going down in style! 

Some of these images are truly priceless and couldn’t be replicated even if you tried! 

One foot wrong and you could be goner! 

This would be even funnier if both swings broke at the same time…

This occurred just as she said ‘I think this bag is going to break’! 

Oh dear. We hope he wasn’t seriously hurt!

We wonder if there was any salvaging this cake… 

dropping cake mid air


Doesn’t fluid look strangely awesome in photos like this?

Hopefully the people in these images can see the silver lining that they will bring joy to those who get to view these photos for many years to come.

The people at the front look like they may have avoided a splash! 

Another positive is that although a lot of these incidents were accidental and unpreventable, they do a good job at reminding us to be as careful as we can in the future! 

Pain in 3, 2, 1…

Being headbutted by a goat is probably quite painful! 

WARNING! Some viewers may find this disgusting… 

Break dancing on water. That guy has some serious talent! 

Hopefully the snow made for a soft landing!

Thank goodness he’s wearing a helmet! 

This girl’s sunbathing session took a horrible turn… 

dog about to pee on woman