12 Stories From People Who Had Extremely Short Marriages


Marriage is all about love and commitment. So, if you get married to someone, you should truly believe that you want to spend the rest of your life with them! Of course, not everybody does feel this way on their wedding day. And then, there are those who do get married with the best possible intentions, but somehow things manage to get messed up along the way. If you’ve had a marriage break up, you’re definitely not alone, as a large proportion of marriages end in divorce. What’s more, there’s probably someone out there who had a shorter and more tumultuous marriage than you did. Check out these twelve stories from people who had extremely short marriages. 



This definitely isn’t the way to start married life.


Heck, there are way shorter marriages to come…


At least they found out about the cheating early on.


We wonder what happened in those nine days.


Ditto for in these three weeks.


We’re betting this person shouldn’t have got hitched in the first place.


A good reminder not to marry someone for any reason but love.


You should probably be sure of your sexuality before you tie the knot.


Sometimes you see the signs early.


We don’t think being truthful makes this any better.


It’s good to have a role model!


You shouldn’t want to change the person you married.

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