Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

A great picture doesn’t always require the best camera and photographer behind it. Sometimes, the universe conspires in your favor that all you need to do is press that shutter button at the right place and time to get that winning shot. The results can either be stunning, outrageous or hilarious.

From a winged fireman to a cat with six pack abs, Awesome Inventions gathered a list of these extraordinary, perfectly timed photos that will wow, shock and make you LOL!

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Cat Abs

Breathtaking Pier Sunset


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

That Feeling When You’re The Substitute Teacher

Bee Carrying The Sun

Soccer Skills Level 1,000

Beer Towel

Pufferfish Photobombs Diver

A Twerking Horse

When You’re Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride

Catch Me If You Can

We Found Bigfoot

Even Batman Isn’t Immune to A Woman’s A**

Delivery Complete!

Truly Amazing!

Plane Passing In Front of A Super Moon


Synchronicity at Its Finest

When It Looks Like Dilma Rousseff Is Getting Stabbed from Behind

You Can’t Win against an Invisible Hockey Player

Lightning Ricocheting Off A Double Rainbow

I’m Unstoppable!

The Hanging Tree in The Sinister Movie

Skydiving into Burning Man Makes for A Perfect Profile Photo

When They’re Too Busy to Watch You

This Dog Is Ready for the Olympics

When You’ve Got Awesome Reflex

Free at Last!

That Perfect Christmas Photo Card