Creative Marriage Proposals That You Couldn’t Say No To

Every woman dreams about marriage proposals and what would be the perfect one for her, should the occasion present itself. A wedding is actually one of the most memorable moments in a woman’s life. Aside from getting their dream wedding, women look forward to that all important proposal. That is why men are scrupulous in planning for that special moment when they decide to ‘pop the question’. Lots of research on perfect marriage proposals will be done for those that really want something special. If you are one of those guys who wants to be a little more creative, you can learn from these brilliant men. We have gathered the most creative marriage proposals that you couldn’t say no to.

Runner Ben Chudley used a GPS tracker to write his proposal by running multiple routes that corresponded to the words written below. He later showed the GPS screenshots to his girlfriend Olivia together with an engagement ring.

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A couple were playing a board game where one has to draw what the inscription says. When the woman saw the words “Will you marry me?”, she drew the sketch shown below. But when her boyfriend brought out a ring, she realized that the inscription wasn’t a part of the game.


Paul Phillips created an illustrated book depicting how he and his girlfriend Erica fell in love with each other. At the end of the story was the illustration shown below. Paul brought Erica to the local library where the book was kept. After Erica read the last page of the book, she happily replied ‘yes’.


Unique ways to pop the question


Phil Wright and his girlfriend Ashley both have a passion for dancing. During one of their dance numbers, Phil fell to his knees and brought out a ring. While the crowd was gleefully cheering them on, Ashley couldn’t hold back her tears of joy.

This guy found support from a beluga whale. He brought his girlfriend to a local aquarium and he let her play with the whale. She later noticed a box brought out by the whale and inside it was a note saying “Will you marry me?”. Of course she said yes. Who wouldn’t love a whale, right?


This couple rarely see each other due to constant travels. It became their habit to leave notes to each other at the airports’ Starbucks. When Esther got Austin’s note at this Starbucks store in Amsterdam, Austin suddenly appeared and proposed to her.


Luke Munsterteiger brought his girlfriend Else to the supermarket. But she did not know about the surprise she was about to receive. When Else picked a certain ice cream, she saw the label on the cup with the words “Else, will you marry me?”. Turns out Luke ordered the special ice cream as a way of proposing to her.


Amazing engagement ideas for that perfect proposal


This guy invited his girlfriend for a moon-gazing date. When she looked through the telescope, she saw the moon along with the words “Will you marry me?”. The guy cleverly made the lens for this proposal.


A guy printed several pictures of Harry Potter characters to serve as targets for his girlfriend’s Nerf gun. He posted the target pictures everywhere. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, she loved it. But that wasn’t the real surprise. When she shot the last picture, he came out with a Daniel Radcliffe printout on his face. He took the mask off and presented the engagement ring while popping the question. Of course she said ‘yes’ with tears.


Vinnie’s girlfriend Brooke is a tattoo artist. He asked her to do his tattoo and when he showed his shin, an accompanying engagement ring also came out with it. Brooke proceeded by ticking the ‘yes’ box.

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