17 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Blow Your Mind


Once in a blue moon, or perhaps only once in a lifetime, you’ll accidentally take a photo so perfectly timed that it looks like something strange or funny is going on. Sometimes it’s down to perspective, sometimes it’s due to colors or positioning creating an optical illusion, and sometimes it appears to be plain wizardry. Whatever the reason, these are photos that you have to cherish. Check out these hilarious perfectly-timed photos and see what we mean!

We must find this glorious winged beast!

Who’s carrying who? When you figure it out, you might be surprised!

Nice pins, dude!

This baby with the face of an old person is kind of terrifying. 

Who needs a mom AND a dad when you can get a 2-in-1 model?

It’s the happiest day of that tanned guy’s life.

We’re not sure why this miniature man is riding this lady, but we can’t stop laughing!

The most luscious of all the beards.

Nobody can escape the reach of this girl’s long arms.

It’s none of our business what any woman does with her body hair, but we’re a little concerned that this girl might be a werewolf.

Who is this giant child and why can she kneel on top of water?

This kid might be graduating early because of his one giant hand.

The world’s largest bird or the world’s smallest man? You decide!

All these people seem fairly nonplussed to be standing next to a floating torso!

Just a human-dog hybrid riding the train. No biggie.

We wonder if this cow-lady is confined to the paddock, too.

This giant anteater appears to have a panda for a leg.

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