This Borzoi Dog Might Have The Longest Snout In The World And People Can’t Get Enough Of Her Pictures

Every dog is a distinct individual that may either be typical or atypical for its breed. Most of the times, it’s the latter that is considered special. Just like this internet-famous borzoi dog with a long snout. Dogs are one of the most diverse species as there are about 340 canine breeds in the world. This multitude of breeds explains why dogs look very different from one another. Since domestication, dogs have been bred for specific purposes. Some are bred large enough to serve as reliable guard dogs while some are bred small enough for jobs that bigger dogs can’t do.

Depending on the purpose, canine breeds mostly rely on the dog’s appearance, size, agility, temperament and form. And it goes without saying that each breed has unique physical features and traits. Definitely one of the most intriguing canine breeds is the borzoi, which is also called the Russian wolfhound. This breed is the second tallest sighthound breed in existence, Irish wolfhound being the first. The breed has long slender legs, a narrow body and a long and narrow head. Although their long snout is one of their most striking features, this long dog named Eris is believed to have the world’s longest snout.


This long dog is believed to have the longest snout in the world

According to her owners, Eris has a staggering 12.2 inches long snout which they claim to be a record holder. It’s no secret that dogs with the most unusual features and traits generate a lot of buzz on social media. There’s Mya the Pomsky that looks more like a fox than a dog. And of course, there’s Jiffpom – the most popular dog on Instagram that looks like a plush teddy bear. Both Mya and Jiffpom are undeniably adorable. But there’s also something about Eris ‘the long dog’ that can instantly catch the interest of many people.


Eris the Borzoi has an astonishing 12.2 inches long snout

Eris was adopted by a couple from Richmond, Lily and Savannah, back in July 2018 when she was just a pup. Typically, sighthounds have extremely long snouts due to the narrowness of their heads. This quality helps them spot their prey even from afar because it allows them to see over an incredibly broad horizon so the dogs can hunt on open ground. But the couple didn’t expect that Eris would grow to be this long.


Eris, when she was a pup

Despite their reputation as hunters, the dogs are friendly and affectionate as household pets. They are laid-back family dogs that can easily adapt to suburban life. Despite their intimidating size, they are gentle and sensitive dogs but are always fun to be around. Eris the long dog, in particular, has brought smiles to her proud owners. And her owners hope that she could also make other people smile through her Instagram page.

“We were always hoping to share some of the happiness and smiles Eris brings into our house, and in these last few months, it’s felt more impactful than ever. We’re so glad to be able to add a little tiny moment of light to all of the goodness shining through the world.” her owners said.

Source: Instagram page