Taco Bell Have A New Pineapple Freeze And It’s Basically Summer In A Cup

Watermelons and pineapples are quintessential summer fruits. So back in April, Taco Bell jumpstarted their summer lineup with their Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze. This drink curiously resembled a cup of frozen watermelon. And now the Mexican fast food chain is following it up with the Pineapple Freeze! This icy new offering from Taco Bell packs the vibrant tropical fruit flavor we all love and crave when things start getting hot. Taco Bell describes the new Freeze as the official start of summer, saying,

“No need to even look at the calendar, the first official day of summer is when Pineapple Freeze decides it is. We’re not even quite sure how this freeze is so cold – it’s like sunshine in freeze form.”





This isn’t the first pineapple-flavored summer drink that Taco Bell’s offered on their seasonal menu. In fact, we already had a taste of the tropical fruit in the Cherry Sunset Freeze. The drink featured the mixed flavors of cherry and pineapple goodness. But this time, Taco Bell’s going for an all-pineapple icy sip to keep us refreshed and cool throughout the summer.


Taco Bell’s new Freeze will take your taste buds on a tropical trip

Since the pineapple drink is seasonal offering, you can expect it to come in a fun themed cup. But since the drink already sports a bright yellow hue, all Taco Bell really needed to do was top it with a green-colored dome lid to give that pineapple-y look. However, some locations may stick to serving the Freeze with flat-top lids. Either way, we’re sure that the drink will taste great no matter what lid is used.







Aside from this drink, Taco Bell has also introduced the Pineapple Whip which has the tropical flavor with a sweet vanilla swirl. So if you happen to be craving DOLE Whip but can’t get hold of it at the moment, you might want to head over to the Taco Bell drive-thru for their version. The frozen tropical sips have been available since May 21st, and you can choose to get them in either regular ($2.49) or large ($2.69) sizes.

But if you drop by Taco Bell during their Happy Hour period (it falls between 2 to 5p.m. daily!), you can get the large drink for just a dollar. Our travel plans may be on hold for now, but at least we can still enjoy summer, one sip at a time! And if you’d rather not go out, you can have your favorite Taco Bell food and drinks delivered right at your doorstep.


You can add booze to the summery drink to make an easy tropical cocktail to






Source: TacoBell