Urban Outfitters Are Selling A Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera And It Might Just Be The Cutest Camera Ever Made

Don’t you just love Hello Kitty? Her secret’s been revealed a few years ago but that hasn’t diminished the love we have for this adorable feline icon. In fact, Hello Kitty has become a powerhouse brand that guarantees nostalgia-induced record sales every time a collaboration is released. We’ve seen this feline superstar on everything from sneakers to Swarovski. And some of her fans have literally devoted their lives to collecting her merch.

In November 2014, Fujifilm launched models of their Instax cameras carrying her likeness to the delight of her photography-loving fans. This year, Urban Outfitters has launched a Hello Kitty Polaroid camera, and it’s the most nostalgic thing ever. Which proves that nothing is safe from the infectious cuteness of Hello Kitty.

hello kitty polaroid camera on model
Urban Outfitters

Instant cameras have made quite a market for itself over the past years. After being overshadowed by film and digital cameras, instant cameras have made quite the comeback through its simple, more affordable, and nostalgic appeal. And this Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera seamlessly combines two mega icons of decades past in one adorable package!

The Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera looks like something taken straight out of an 90’s time capsule

hello kitty polaroid camera front details
Urban Outfitters

This sky blue Polaroid features several classic Hello Kitty adornments that give this camera a toy-like appearance. The cute Hello Kitty details on the camera remind us of the sticker sets we used to covet and stick on everything as kids.

This Hello Kitty Polaroid camera can develop up to 600 pictures.

hello kitty polaroid camera front
Urban Outfitters

The Polaroid 600 is a landmark model, because it made instant photography possible. “A number of head-turning special editions cemented the 600 as a pop culture icon,” Polaroid wrote. Surely, this Hello Kitty Polaroid camera is sure to become one of the season’s most coveted items, so you should move quickly! You can find this adorable Polaroid camera at your local Urban Outfitters.

But if you’re too busy, you can just order it online, where it retails for $150. Now, if dropping $150 upfront is a bit heavy for you, you can also opt to use AfterPay, where you can pay four payments of$37.50 to get the covetable camera.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift.

hello kitty polaroid camera back
Urban Outfitters

Christmas is on its way and you’ve just found one more thing to add to your Christmas wish/shopping list. It’s the perfect camera to use if you ever get the chance to ride the Hello Kitty airplane or dine at her restaurant in Beijing. Just remember to shield the picture from light for three minutes!