These Enchanted Flower Lamps Are Stunning

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we’re pretty sure you’re scouring the internet by now to find the perfect gift for your partner. Well, there’s a reason why you ended up here because we’ve got this enchanted flower lamp to represent your eternal affection for your loved one. Following the Valentine’s Day tradition of giving flowers to your special someone, why not make it more special by giving them a flower that never withers?

Inspired by the mystical rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, this flower lamp features a single rose encased in a glass dome. This life-size replica features a glass rose complete with glass leaves on a sturdy golden stem. The enchanting glass rose is placed atop a black plastic base with fallen petals lying on the surface. The entire plant is decorated with sparkling LED string lights that illuminate the entire rose when switched on.


Enchanted Flower Lamp For A Magical Valentine’s Day

enchanted flower lamp colorful gold

This lamp is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). Access the battery compartment and the power switch at the bottom part of the plastic base. Since it uses LED lights, it is safe to touch without any risk of burns. It measures 8.3 inches tall and 4.3 inches wide and weighs 1.2 pounds. Plus, the flower comes in 6 different colors to choose from including red, dark pink, royal blue, purple, colorful gold and champagne gold.

glass magical rose royal blue


enchanted flower lamp red


enchanted flower lamp led lights


glass magical rose dark pink gift


magical rose glass dome

A magical rose that will never fade and wilt, this is the perfect gift to symbolize your unyielding love. It can also be a thoughtful gift of appreciation for your mother, friend, teacher or co-worker. And if you’re looking for a geeky gift for any Disney fans, this would really make a great pick. Of course, you can also reward yourself with this enchanting lamp to give your space a truly magical look. It will also make a spellbinding centerpiece in your bedroom, living room, game room or home theater. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Beautiful soft glow. Bought this as a gift for my sister. She absolutely loves it. The lights are beautiful and soft.”

enchanted flower lamp purple


enchanted flower lamp champagne gold


enchanted flower lamp dark pink


enchanted flower lamp royal blue


glass magical rose red glass petals


magical rose purple glass petals


glass magical rose

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glass magical rose dark pink

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