Give Your Home A Gothic Touch With One Of These Custom Made Coffin Apothecary Cabinets

Express your Gothic side with this eerie coffin apothecary cabinet. In past centuries, apothecary cabinets were used by physicians and pharmacists to store medicines and tools. This classical type of cupboard has many small compartment drawers to hold different materials for medicines. Eventually, modern medicines paved way for the mass production of medicines in the forms of capsules, pills, and tablets. Hence, pharmacists no longer need to manually mix medicines. And this led to the decline of apothecary cabinets.

Today, these old-fashioned furniture pieces are popular in homes as antique or rustic-looking decors. Apparently, rocking an antiquity piece in homes to make a statement is a popular trend. But apothecary cabinets are hard to find nowadays. And if you ever find one, it is either the wrong size or super expensive.

custom made coffin apothecary cabinet

But here’s the great news. You can now order a custom made coffin apothecary cabinet to add a spooky twist to your home. A perfect centerpiece just in time for Halloween, this solid wood cabinet is shaped like a real coffin to give off a creepy vibe. All Goths and occult fans will surely love to have this furniture piece.

This coffin-shaped cabinet is available in standard size measuring 30 inches high, 15 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It offers nine drawers varying in width due to its coffin shape. Additionally, it features pull knobs that look like mini coffins as well. It comes in an ebony stain finish.

custom made coffin apothecary cabinet nine drawers


coffin apothecary cabinet pull knob


coffin apothecary cabinet halloween decor

You can place this coffin apothecary cabinet anywhere in your home. Place it in your bedroom to store your personal items or you can show it off in your living room to create a good conversation piece. Is the standard size too small or too big for your space?

Take note that this furniture is custom made so you can customize the size and even your choice of stain colors. You can choose from six different stain colors (in four-color combination) to match your home décor.

coffin apothecary cabinet ebony stain finish

You can choose from six (four-color combination) stain colors

custom made coffin apothecary cabinet stain colors


solid wood coffin apothecary cabinet

Get this coffin apothecary cabinet here and do it now because there’s only a few stocks left.