There’s A Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Candle That Smells Like 221B Baker Street

You can ask every Sherlockian about their ultimate dream and they will tell you one thing: and that is to live in 221b Baker Street. And while the famous address is purely fictional, which means it doesn’t exist IRL, there’s still a way to make your personal space feel like it. Just light up this Sherlock Holmes-inspired candle and let the scent transport you to the residence of the greatest fictional detective of all time.

So, how does 221b Baker Street smell like? Well, this smells like an interesting case. And if you consider all the details pertaining the abode of the iconic sleuth from the books, you’ll find out that solving this mystery is elementary, my dear Watson. With a study room surrounded by large wooden bookshelves, a wooden floor, and wooden mantelpiece, it’s easy to deduce the woodsy scent that usually greets the distressed clients in need of the consulting detective’s service. Of course, everyone knows that the great detective is a compulsive smoker. And if you’re a self-proclaimed Sherlockian, you don’t need us telling you that his favorite tea is a smoky black tea called Lapsang Souchong.


Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Candle

sherlock holmes-inspired candle glass jar

With all the facts in hand, we can now unravel the mystery of how the fictional 221b Baker Street would smell like if it is real. A woodsy scent with a hint of tobacco and a note of earthly fresh smell of black tea. This Sherlock Holmes-inspired candle features an aromatic blend of these scents to bring 221b Baker Street right into your home. Featuring a blend of rich cedarwood, Cuban tobacco, and black tea, this soy candle lets you immerse in the ruminating scents of Sherlock’s flat.

221b baker street soy vegan candle

Light up this Sherlock Holmes-inspired candle, sit on the chair, and pretend like you’re the detective himself. Then savor the scent of the most famous address in the world. Curl up with a book or ponder life’s greatest mysteries as you let your imagination and your senses bring every scene from book come alive, as if you’re actually there. Made from all-natural soy wax, this themed candle is available in 4oz metal tin and 8oz glass jar. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This candle has the Victorian vibe. When you lit it in a room, all that is missing is the deerstalker and a magnifying glass, or coat with turned up collar!”

sherlock holmes-inspired candle


221b baker street candle metal tin

Source: Etsy