Kamp-Rite Have A Double Tent Cot That Works Like A Pullout Bed Keeping You Off The Ground

There are two types of camper. One who doesn’t mind to sleep on the ground and one who finds it uncomfortable to sleep on the ground. Most camping tents have canvas flooring where a sleeping pad or a mattress is laid out. So basically, the camper has to sleep on level with the ground. However, some people are not comfortable with this. That is why some campers would prefer to bring camping cots instead of tents. Foldable cot beds have legs that reliably sustain the bed above the ground. But the problem with cots is that it is merely a bed. Thus, it doesn’t provide any shelter and protection while you’re sleeping. Kamp-Rite allows you to enjoy the full benefits of a tent and a cot with this double tent cot.

kamp-rite double tent cot

With its unique hinge design, you can easily convert it into a lounge chair or an elevated bed in tent form. The durable aluminum frame keeps you 11 inches above the ground to make you feel at ease throughout the night. Plus, the tent is made of 190 TPU nylon fabric, a waterproof yet breathable material to give you comfort, protection, and privacy while you sleep. It has zippered openings on both ends to allow easy entry and exit. And its mesh windows allow air to pass through while keeping bugs out. Moreover, the mesh windows have zippered closures to give you a fully-enclosed tent.

kamp-rite double tent cot doors


kamp-rite double tent cot lounge chair


kamp-rite double tent cot elevated bed

What’s more, the Kamp-Rite double tent is easy to set up and can be constructed by a single person in just minutes. When fully set up, this tent cot offers an interior bed space measuring 84 inches long and 53 inches wide. And a tent height measuring 40 inches from the bed to the top of the tent. The bed has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds so it can fit two adults or three kids at once. Simply place a mattress or foam padding on the bed and you’re off to a good night sleep.

kamp-rite double tent cot camping


kamp-rite double tent cot interior


kamp-rite double tent cot portable


kamp-rite double tent cot carry bag

Folding it down is as easy is folding it up. Just fold it down then fasten the buckles and straps. It comes with a carrying bag where you can conveniently haul it down and carry everywhere. Considering all these features, the Kamp-Rite double tent cot is indeed the hottest must-have for outdoor sleeping. Get it now here and enjoy the benefits of this comfortable sleeping gear for camping. One happy customer wrote:

“I tried this out in my backyard last night and I have no complaints. It’s definitely the easiest tent I’ve ever set up. I was able to do it myself in about ten minutes without reading directions. In general, it was the most comfortable tent sleeping experience I’ve had. You are off the ground so no chance of it flooding if it rains.”

Learn more about this amazing double tent cot on the video below