Handy Swiss Army Ring Has A Mini Blade, Saw, Bottle Opener And A Comb For Your Mustache

Ditch your multi-tool pocketknife and get this Swiss army ring instead. For most men, a Swiss army knife is as essential as a lipstick is for women. They always bring this pocketknife along with them on outdoor trips such as camping, hunting, and fishing. In other words, the Swiss army knife is their survival tool for both urban and wild environments. But sometimes, they often misplace or drop their Swiss knives from their pockets. Save yourself from constantly losing your Swiss knives by wearing this Swiss army ring instead.

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 Just like many basic Swiss knives, this Swiss army ring contains a set of flip up tools that includes a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw, a bottle opener, and a mustache comb. Well, you never know when to need some instant grooming for your tash. However, the tools in this titanium utility ring are much smaller compared to regular Swiss knives. The Man Ring, as it is called, is handcrafted from aerospace grade titanium which has the highest strength among pure unalloyed titanium products. Furthermore, aerospace grade titanium is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures without creeping.

swiss army ring multi-tool serrated blade


swiss army ring multi-tool bottle opener

Practicality aside, this utility ring is finely engineered and meticulously crafted as a functional art piece. As a piece of jewelry, this sophisticated ring features elegant design with polished finish so you can flaunt it in style. Additionally, you can also opt to add engravings on the inside of the ring. You can choose from three different font styles – Roman, Script, and Block – should you choose to add an engraving. Of course, the size of the ring is a crucial factor in buying a ring. Each ring is custom made in accordance to your ring size. You can choose your ring size on the available size options ranging from 3.5 to 16 US.

swiss army ring multi-tool saw


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Get this multi-functional and stylish Swiss army ring here and make your friends gaze at your finger in envy. You can also give this titanium ring to your loved ones as an exquisite gift. One satisfied customer wrote:

“What a wonderful ring. Nicely finished, very unusual, and quirky and terribly practical! Absolutely love it.”

Learn more about the Man Ring on the video below