14 White Lies All Men Have Told Their Girlfriends At Some Point


Relationships can be difficult. When two people come together and get to know one another, it’s inevitable that there will be some issues. No romantic relationship is perfect, no matter what the movies may lead you to believe, and everyone stretches the truth at some point or other. There are many reasons for telling those little white lies such as saving a person’s feelings, or to get ourselves out of trouble. Over the course of a relationship, it’s easy to learn which actions and situations can lead to potential upset so, there are a lot of guys that try hard to avoid them! Take a look at these examples which guys have used when the going got tough!


When guys tell you they love your mom, 9 times out of 10 they’re lying!


At some point they’ve covered for a friend and been embroiled in their lie.


When he tells you he loves spending the weekend at your parents’ house.


When they say they don’t find your sister or best friend attractive. Usually, this isn’t the truth.


When he says your clothes don’t make you look fat. Sometimes they might do, and sometimes they might not, the main thing is that they love you just the way you are!


When they tell you your driving is good, they’re probably too scared to say otherwise!


‘I’m on my way’ is definitely one of the most used lies!


When he says she’s just a friend, we all know what that actually means!


A lot of guys don’t mind where they go for a date. If they seem really enthusiastic about going to a gallery or watching a weepy movie, they’re likely just being that way because they know you’ll enjoy it.


When a guy tells you he really loves throw pillows, it’s a lie. Let’s face it, how enjoyable is it taking loads of pillows off a bed every night before sleeping?!


When they tell you that you always look awesome. They love you and want you to feel good about yourself, therefore, men can be a little economical with the truth at times.


When they tell you they weren’t checking out that hot girl who just walked by, they probably were. But hey, they’re your guy and they’re not exactly going to go and ask her out, they were only looking!


This one only applies to cheating guys, but when they are constantly check their phone and saying it’s their mom who has been calling and texting 30 times in the last hour, we hate to tell you, but, it’s not his mom.


When you point out your cellulite and wobbly bits and they say they can’t see them, it’s because they love you. And, to be honest those things just don’t bother guys.

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