15 Simple Yet Effective Home Decorating Tips You Will Love


It's those little details which can bring the look of a room down. You know the sort; masses of tangled cables lying behind the TV or computer desk, or shoes and boots with no dedicated space just laying around the floors. If your home suffers from any of these problems or perhaps you're simply looking to be inspired then take a look at these 15 awesome home decoration ideas. The granite worktop hack is an absolute genius!


Hide unsightly TV wires inside a shower rail.


Command hooks are a quick, easy and mess free way of supporting curtain poles. No drilling required!


Hide an unsightly router inside an old hollowed out book.


Big tea drinkers will love this cute tea wreath. Have all your favorite flavors on hand whenever you feel like making a cup!


An oldie but a good one; hanging a mirror in a small room will give the illusion of added space.


Want a cheap way of giving your kitchen a new look? Make fake granite worktops by using primer, paint and a sea sponge!


For an interesting focal point in a room, hang your favorite fabric rather than wallpaper.


Use a decorative glass-fronted frame rather than a whiteboard in the kitchen.


A section from an old washing basket makes an awesome stencil for adding detail when painting walls.



Cleaned and painted crates make wonderful shoe organizers.


Use black fabric to conceal computer wires behind your desk.


A decorative doormat looks amazing when used to conceal an ugly wall vent.


Ditch the metal rings and use ribbon to hang your curtains. Far prettier!


A cool painting hung on a wall cleverly conceals a thermostat.


Washing machine looking tired? Decorate it with electrical tape for a new lease of life!

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