Anne Balogh Paints Gorgeous Watercolors Of Birds


Not only is Anne Balogh an artist, she's also a biologist and environmental educator. This puts her in a position where she's uniquely qualified to paint one of her favored subject matters. You see, Anne loves to paint birds, and, as a biologist, who knows more about their anatomy and habitat? You might think that painting of birds could be boring, if you're not particularly a fan of our feathered friends, but you would be severely mistaken. Anne paints gorgeous watercolors complete with bleeds and ink splats that are anything but boring. Each bird looks extraordinarily full of life, like it could fly right off the page if you gave it half a chance. These paintings really are something special, and since Anne has had a "career wiggle" and decided to pursue her art more seriously, we hope to see much more from her soon.

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