Tips to make your Ikea furniture look expensive

Having expensive furniture is too much of a luxury for most people. What if we told you there were ways of making cheaper furniture look expensive? Simple little changes can transform the way things look. Painting, swapping pieces or adding detail can really make a difference to your furniture. You will have to spend a little bit of money for your materials, but your overall cost will still be a lot cheaper than an antique piece of furniture. The best thing about doing these little tricks is that you can customize your pieces to your taste making them unique. This means you won’t see the same furniture anywhere else. Check out our awesome collection below. All of them have gone from plain and boring to stylish and expensive-looking!

Remove the legs from your sofa and replace them with nicer ones.

Spray paint the brackets of your bookshelf. Gold looks great but you could use any color you like.

Add some funky table legs to your shelving units.

Attach brass corners to your plain coffee table

Paint your coffee table a bold color. Then add those posh-looking brass corners!

Use marble contact paper over your plain coffee table.

Transform your wooden sideboard into a bright and colorful one. You could give it the dip-dyed effect like this one.


Spray the frames of your nesting coffee tables. Gold is always a good choice for that expensive look.

Transform your chest of drawers with brackets and replace the knobs with drawer pulls.

Turn your plain side table into a fancy bar cart by painting it and then adding brass wheels and handles.

Turn your sofa cushions into fancy tufted ones by adding buttons.

Apply silver leaf to the inside of your lampshades.

Turn your bedroom chest of drawers into a stylish kitchen sideboard by painting it and adding long handles.

Make a swish bar cart from your laptop table. Paint the frame, add an acrylic shelf at the bottom and attach wheels.

Give your mirror a vintage feel by adding hooks and rope.

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