Hostess Releases Caramel Chocolate Flavored Donettes

Donettes is on a roll. We haven’t even fully recovered from their Carrot Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake releases, but there’s already a delicious new flavor for us to try! And this time, they’re doling out a decadent combination that you couldn’t resist even if you tried: the Caramel Chocolate Donettes! Yep, that’s right. Donettes finally has a tasty offering to satisfy your caramel cravings.

If memory serves us right, then the Caramel Chocolate flavor is yet another first for the mini donut brand. But chocolate-flavored mini donuts have always been part of the Donettes core lineup. They’ve offered it in various powder and frosted forms already. There was even a chocolate-on-chocolate offering that hit shelves some time ago. But I think we can all agree that this is its most mouthwatering form yet!


Indulge your sweet tooth’s cravings with the new Caramel Chocolate Donettes

There’s no denying that the caramel and chocolate combo is one the world’s most beloved flavor blends to exist. Something about the coupling of the chocolate’s rich, cocoa flavor and the pure sweetness of caramel just makes every bite a delightful experience. And now you have that with every one of these Donettes ! These treats are made with the classic chocolate Donette. And, this is then covered with caramel icing. Simple but delicious!


The new Donettes treat hit Walmart’s shelves on July 9th. Since then, many Instagram snack sleuths like @candyhunting and @junkfoodadventures have spotted and snagged the caramel-coated chocolate mini donut snack. Just like the other Donettes, this new offering is available only for in-store purchase. So you might want to pencil it in your next grocery trip’s shopping list. Fortunately, this flavor doesn’t appear to be a limited edition offering, so there’s no rush. We’ve got a hunch that just one 10.5oz bag of this won’t be enough, so it would be better to just get a two or three, just in case!