24 Cheap And Creative DIY Furniture Ideas Using Old Wooden Pallets

Old pallets are easy to come by, often for very little or no cost. Get creative and think ‘outside the box’ and you will be surprised by the number of different ways by which you can transform old pallets into something special for your home! Check out the below 24 ideas for awesome DIY furniture pieces that can be made out of old pallets…

DIY Pallet Planter

Are your planters scattered and out of place? Why not attach them to a pallet like shown below. We think it looks great!

bless this home with love and laughter wood pallet planters display


Lights Pallet Bed

Beds can be so boring and mundane. If you’re creative and a dab hand at DIY, why not make your own pallet bed fully equipped with handy lights?

wood pallet bed with lights


Pallet Staircase

Many people have a staircase that features in their home. A wood pallet staircase can be a really interesting and unique addition to your decor.

wood pallet-staircase


Pallet Chandelier

Who says that chandeliers have to be sparkly and fancy? You could make your own wood pallet version that’s way cooler!

wood pallet-chandelier with light bulbs


Pallet Honeycomb Mirror

Look how nicely this pallet with honeycomb mirror features in this living room!

living room honeycomb mirror on wood pallet over fireplace


Pallet Bookshelf & Bike Rack

If you’re a keen cyclist with limited apartment space, making a pallet bike rack could really help you out. It’s both functional and cool to look at!

room with desk shelves books and bikes wood pallet shelves


Pallet Reading Nook

Reading is so important for a child’s development. By making them a special area you are encouraging them to enjoy reading in their own space.

reading nook with monkey and food tray


Shipping Pallet Daybeds

How cool is the below transformation?

before and after wood pallet transformation daybeds


Pallet Outdoor Lounger

All you need here is a few comfy cushions and you are good to go!

red outdoor loungers made of wood pallets with circular table


Pallet Sofa With Storage

Not everyone wants or needs a fancy and expensive sofa. Some people would much prefer the DIY creation shown below!

three steps wood pallet sofa transformation


Pallet Sofa

These mini sofas are perfect for children’s bedrooms and play rooms!

blue mini pallet sofa with white stripes and red and yellow cushions


Pallet Computer Desk

The transformation possibilities really do seem to be endless! You could even make a fully functioning desk with just one pallet!

wood pallet computer desk with red legs


Pallet Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be painfully expensive. To save some bucks, why not make your own?

wood pallet-coffee-table with flowers and wicker basket


Rolling Outdoor Table

Outdoor furniture is another thing that can end up costing a fortune! It doesn’t have to though, not if you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort into making something…

dark wood pallet outdoor table with wheels and two chairs


Recycled Wood Dining Table

We’re starting to ask ourselves what can’t you make with wood pallets?

wood pallet dining table with chair and bird wall mural

Red Pallet Coffee Table

If the previous coffee table idea wasn’t for you, here’s another suggestion. You can always paint and varnish your new creation to suite your tastes exactly.

wood pallet coffee table with red and black varnish


Pallet Sofa

This would look great on a porch or in a garden. We love it!

wood pallet outdoor bench with green cushions

Flatscreen Backdrop

If you don’t want to mount your TV to your wall, why not create a back drop like the one below?

white wood pallet wall mount with tv on it in black room


Artful Coffee Table

Getting creative with wood pallets doesn’t have to be restrictive. You can bring in other interesting materials to make your creation better.

wood pallet table with colorful mosaic design diy furniture


Off-grid Cabin

This cabin probably wouldn’t be suitable for beginners but we love it! What an awesome creation!

cabin made of wood pallets with woman standing in doorway and man sitting with baby


End Table

Not all DIY furniture has to be a complex job. End tables and stools are super simple to put together.

wood pallet end table with yellow stripes


Breakfast in Bed Tray

This is by far one of our favorite pieces!

wood pallet bed tray with laptop mug and flowers


Retro Coffee Table

We’re loving the green vibes from this DIY furniture win!

lime green wood pallet coffee table with flowers tray and bowl


Garden Work Bench

Sometimes having a small area to put your bits and bobs really tidies up the rest of your garden space!

wood pallet garden bench storage with pots and plants and watering can