10 Reflection Fails That Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Photos In Mirrors

We live in the selfie generation, so it’s not unusual to find photos of people pouting at themselves in the mirror. However, sometimes these kinds of photos get interesting, when the mirror reflects back something the person taking the photo didn’t intend on showing the rest of the world. But it’s not just selfies or mirrors that can cause these kinds of issues. Any reflective surface could spell a big F-A-I-L for whoever’s taking the photo. At least these brave folks have acted as a PSA for the rest of us. If there’s a reflective surface anywhere in the vicinity of your photo, make sure to check and double check before you post the image online. You never know what could be lurking in its reflective depths! Look and learn, people. Here’s how you, too, could end up with a reflection fail.

Oh, my. We feel so embarrassed for all these people. Sorry guys!


Many of us love a good selfie. Some of us out there even seem to be obsessed by them, taking numerous ones each day. This isn’t too surprising with the rise of social media as everyone seems to document their lives through smartphones! However, there are often selfies out there that should never have been uploaded. Take a look at these 10 people who ended up with some pretty hilarious and shocking selfie fails!


We’re pretty sure that everyone who has access to a camera has taken a selfie at some point. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-indulgent vanity when it comes to pictures, but what we will say is that people need to be a little bit careful about what’s in the background. We’ve noted a lot of selfies over the years that contain unexpected extras, so you need to double-check any photos before you make them public, especially when there’s a reflective surface added into the mix! Check out these twelve selfies containing surprises that were never meant to be captured!

Take a selfie in the men’s room, capture a stranger’s butt. Standard.

This selfie-ing duo captured someone doing something totally uncool!

If you’re going to post a sexy, cleavage-heavy selfie, try not to get your BFF with her pants down in the shot.

Another golden rule of the bathroom selfie: make sure you’ve flushed first.

Again with the bathroom selfie issues. Really try to make sure nobody’s sitting on the throne in the background.

If you’re trying to pretend your selfie isn’t really a selfie but rather a picture a loved-one took after catching you unawares, make sure the truth isn’t revealed in the mirror behind you!

You might look cool in your new shades, but watch out what’s reflected in them!

Looking dapper! Shame about the cat drinking out of the toilet behind you.

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