People Who Made A Huge Mistake Asking The Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

If you surf the internet a reasonable amount, it’s likely you’ve come across the work of Photoshop request wizard James Fridman before. Whether you’ve seen his creations or not, this new material is something you are sure to love! James takes requests from people who need some Photoshop help. There’s no denying he is super skilled and very talented, however, the requests never quite seem to go to plan. Take a look and you’ll see what we mean!
Website: JamesFridmanTwitter

Photoshop Requests Taken Literally

The girlfriend is giving her boyfriend a rather strange look! 

Always remember, dabbing puts you at risk of being excluded from a picture! 

We love this one. The guy now looks like a giant bobble head. 

Problem solved. 

This seems a rather strange request! 

The leather binder is a brilliant touch.

We think the friend should probably just get over it. Great edit though! 


Ah, much improved. No more risk of an accidental proposal happening! 

Ouch. Burn! She walked straight into this one though! 

The boy has a great face! Good meme potential, also. 

Is it just us who thinks his shorts were fine?! Not super short at all! 

We would love to know the dad’s reaction to this edit! 

It would be a good start to spell James’ name correctly!