You Can Now Get A Garden Igloo Perfect For Your Backyard

What if you had a garden igloo during the summertime? Wouldn’t you want to spend more time relaxing inside this dome that’s a kind of clear greenhouse?

Whenever summer comes, you’d always want to be well-prepared for a season of relaxation and feeling nothing but just pure joy. Now, some people find themselves spending their free hours in the wild. Others, however, would instead prefer this new kind of camping called glamping. Sounds unfamiliar? Well, glamping is a way of spending your time in nature but without setting aside your comforts.

Now, if you’re the kind who would rather glamp than camp, then you probably want this Garden Igloo

daytime relaxation clear greenhouse dome garden igloo
Garden Igloo

Makers of the Garden Igloo tent have crafted this dome out of 100% recyclable materials. Plus, its clear design makes you want to go in, looking at the starry night sky or the bright daylight clouds above.

readin inside clear greenhouse dome garden igloo

If you follow the instructions for its proper care, you’d have a clear greenhouse dome that would last at least two years. It will also withstand sunlight exposure and even extreme temperatures: from -4°F to 140°F.

The clear greenhouse dome is wind resistant. It’s also waterproof!

at night clear greenhouse dome garden igloo

With a base area of 107 ft² and a height of 7ft 2in, the dome can accommodate you plus a few more friends.

sit with friends clear greenhouse dome garden igloo

Makers of the Garden Igloo have also offered some add-on covers for base support.

canopy covers clear greenhouse dome garden igloo

The Canopy Cover will undoubtedly be helpful during the summer, especially when it gets too hot. With the cover on, you can leave the dome open to let fresh air and sunlight in.

clear greenhouse dome garden igloo

Would you like to have this dome in your backyard? Then get yours today before they are gone!