The Dryer Vent Cleaner Vacuum Hose Attachment Makes Cleaning Easy

Maximize the lifespan of your home appliances and keep your home safe with the help of this dryer vent cleaner vacuum hose attachment. It’s important to keep your dryer clean for a number of reasons, not only to save energy but for safety reasons as well. Dryer vents filled with lint are responsible for 2,900 house fires every year. And since this household appliance is used on a regular basis, it is likely to accumulate a lot of lint, hair and other debris.

Although the machine has a built-in lint trap, this is not enough to collect all the debris. Hence, some debris can sneak past the lint trap and get into the vent. If disregarded, the lint buildup can create blockage in the vent. Keep in mind that this machine works by pushing hot air into the vent through the exhaust duct. If the vent is clogged with lint buildup, the hot air cannot be expelled from the machine. And the bad news is, lint is extremely flammable and it can easily catch on fire when exposed to a high temperature. With this dyer vent cleaner vacuum hose attachment, you can now easily remove lint buildup from the vent, duct and lint trap.


Dryer Vent Cleaner Hose Attachment

dryer vent cleaner vacuum hose attachment

Of course, you can just hire a specialist to do the job for you. But the cleaning typically costs between $100 and $170. So, why pay for costly cleaning services when you can just do it yourself? But it also goes without saying that you’ll need the right tools to help you clean your dryer on your own. First, you’ll need a regular vacuum cleaner so your existing one should do it. Then the next thing you’ll need is this cleaning kit consisting of three separate hose attachments including the vacuum adapter, long flexible hose and straight hose.

dryer vent cleaner kit vacuum hose


dryer vent cleaner kit vacuum hose attachment

 The 8.6-inches hose adapter is suitable for most vacuum cleaners. Connect the 11.8-inches straight hose to the adapter for lint removal in short distances, ideal for accessible lint traps. For long distance cleaning, use the 33.5-inches flexible hose instead. In order to get inside hard-to-reach dryer vents, you’ll need to attach all three components together. For straight vents, connect the adapter to the flexible hose then attach the straight hose at the end. And for curved vents, connect the adapter to the straight hose then attach the flexible hose at the end.

lint removal kit hose attachment


lint removal hose vacuum attachment


lint removal vacuum hose attachment

No need to detach the exhaust duct that runs from the dryer to the vent. Just slip the hose through the vent and vacuum up. Not just for dryers, this vacuum hose attachment can also be used to clean other home appliances and hard-to-reach areas. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I liked how it was super easy to assemble and connect to my vacuum hose. I really liked the adjustable suction power knob at the hose connector. It was easy to get all the lint out!”

dryer vent cleaner lint removal kit


vacuum hose attachment for deep access cleaning

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dryer vent cleaner kit vacuum attachment

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