You Can Get Drink Pouches With Straws For Those Boozy Summer Vibes

The hype around color-changing cups is definitely real. Still, nothing spells “summer” quite like these reusable drink pouches with straws! Without a doubt, they’re reminiscent of the packaging of our favorite childhood juice drinks. Only this time, they’re translucent, so you can actually see them full of bright-colored beverages with toppings and garnishes.

These beverage pouches are made of food-grade, non-toxic, BPA- and phthalate-free materials. As such, they’re safe for you as well as for the environment. They’re heavy-duty, so they’re perfect for holding both hot and cold drinks. Moreover, they’re also great for storing candies, chips, cookies, nuts and even powdered drink mixes. On top of that, they’re also leak- and spill-proof, as they come with resealable zipper locks. The pouch also includes two holes on top for easy and convenient handling.

Resealable Translucent Plastic Bag for Beverages


Resealable Plastic Drink Pouches with Straw

However, do note that the bag can only hold hot drinks that are under 60 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, it is also not advisable to keep it in the freezer for too long. Otherwise, the bag may go out of shape, and the zipper lock may not open.


Perk up your favorite summery sips with these reusable drink pouches with straws!

Drink Pouches with Straws


Resealable Plastic Bag for Beverages

These plastic stand-up beverage bags are available in packs of 100. Each bag has a capacity of 450 to 500 ml or about 17 ounces and measures 23 x 13 cm. You’ll also get 100 twisty drink straws in different colors for every purchase. Indeed, these beverage bags are ideal for those who are always on the go. Because unlike typical tumblers, these bags are definitely lighter and more portable.

Resealable Plastic Pouches for Beverages


Resealable Drink Pouches with Straws

Likewise, they’re an excellent choice for parties as well. And by that, we mean both children’s parties and adults’ (drinking) parties. Because unlike usual glass drinkware and paper or plastic cups, these drink pouches are spill-proof and non-fragile. Not to mention, they’re translucent, so they’re great for holding colorful juices and cocktails. And the best part? They’re safe to bring to the pool as well! Using these drink pouches is undeniably the coolest and the most practical way to serve refreshments at your party!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this summer party essential here!

One happy customer wrote:

“I made ‘adult Capri Suns’ with these and they were so great! Held up and loved that it came with multicolored straws!”

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