The Unusual Way This Organ Is Played Will Blow You Away


In the city of Zadar, Croatia, there's a very special organ that is played in a way that we've never seen before. Generally, when we think of an organ, we think of the kind that sits in a church and is played a bit like a piano, usually by a kindly old lady from down the street. However, this special organ isn't even played by a human. Sounding strange? Well, it's not quite as weird as you might be thinking, but it sure is cool. This organ is played by the waves, as they lap up against the shore. It has lots of specially placed holes where the waves hit, as well as up on the boardwalk, so when wind from the waves is pushed up through them, it creates a wonderful sound. Take a look at the video below, and you can hear for yourself!
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This is the first music we've ever heard that was played by the sea! Incredible!

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