Krispy Kreme Has Launched 3 New Dessert-Inspired Donuts Including A Mississippi Mud Pie Flavor

A donut is a well-rounded treat. Not because it’s ring-shaped, but because it’s such a versatile snack option! It’s one of the few things you can enjoy as a quick breakfast bite, snack or as comfort food. And Krispy Kreme certainly knows how to make their tasty treats extremely irresistible. Sure, their Original Glaze is always a great choice, but their limited-edition offerings are always a must-have. And this time, Krispy Kreme has leveled up their game with the introduction of their Dessert Donuts!

Krispy Kreme’s Dessert Donuts rolled in right after National Donut Day. The tasty trio features flavors inspired by three iconic American desserts. We’re more familiar with Krispy Kreme’s penchant for creating candy-laden treats for special occasions throughout the year. Correct us if we’re wrong, but this seems to be the first time the donut purveyor has created a batch inspired by famous desserts across the United States. Either way, we can’t wait to sink our sweet tooth into these dessert-inspired delights!





Krispy Kreme just made their donuts even sweeter with the new Dessert Donuts

This limited-edition batch consists of donuts inspired by desserts from across the country: Banana Pudding, Coconut Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie. The Banana Pudding Dessert Donut comes stuffed with banana pudding filling and topped with fluffy Kreme and three adorable wafer cookies. Meanwhile, the Coconut Cake will give you a sweet tropical taste with its cream cheese icing and shredded coconut topping. But if you’re more partial to decadent delights, then the Mississippi Mud Pie is for you. The filled donut has Chocolate Pie Kreme, is dipped in chocolate icing, sprinkled with cookie and graham crumbles and is finished with a marshmallow drizzle. We can already feel our sugar levels and happiness spiking!




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@KrispyKreme ‘s newest doughnuts feature their “Dessert Doughnuts”—Mississippi Mud Pie ?, Banana Pudding ? and Coconut Cake ?. ? ? These tasty selections are limited edition and baking until June 24. ? ? ?Mississippi Mud Pie:  A light and fluffy doughnut with Chocolate Pie Kreme™, dipped in chocolate icing, and topped with cookie and graham crumbles and marshmallow drizzle. ? ? ?Banana Pudding:  This doughnut is filled with Banana Pudding and topped with fluffy Kreme™ and vanilla wafer cookies. ? ? ?Coconut Cake:  A delicious coconut flavored cake doughnut topped with cream cheese icing and shredded coconut.? ? ??My favorite out of the 3 is tied between Banana Pudding and Coconut Cake. The banana pudding is exactly what you’d expect but the only downside is that the Nilla Wafers on top are very soft/mushy. Coconut cake is so yummy, sweet and the typical cake-doughnut that I love from KK (their Blueberry cake is my fave!). ? ? ??As far as Mississippi mud pie, I didn’t dislike this one but it didn’t excite me as much as the other two. I also found this one to be the least sweet with more dark-chocolate notes but the top was tasty! ? ? ?????????????????? ?Which one would you try first? ?, ?, ?? ?? ?????????????????? ? #KrispyKreme #KrispyKremeDoughnut #? #Cake #Doughnuts #Donuts #KKDoughnuts #Donut #Donuts? #Yum #Dessert #DonutsOfInstagram #Banana #DonutLover #DoughnutsOfInstagram #NYC #NYCEats #EatingNYC #SweetTreat #Yummy #Delicious #InstaGood #Coconut #InstaFood #Pie #JunkFood #CreamPie #Chocolate #MississippiMudPie #BananaPudding ?

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These new Krispy Kreme treats rolled into the stores on June 8th and will be available until June 24th at participating US and Canada locations. So you’d better act fast! Getting these donuts in your hands just got a whole lot easier as well, thanks to Krispy Kreme’s delivery option. You can order your Dessert Donuts online and have the delivered right at your doorstep if you’re not in the mood to pick up your donuts in the store. The Dessert Donuts certainly give “donuts are dessert” a whole new meaning!
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