Starbucks Has Released New Color-Changing Cups That Are Perfect For Iced Coffee Drinkers

The scorching heat of the summer sun literally calls for iced versions of nearly all drinks out there. Be it coffee, tea or even a chocolate drink. And if you’re looking to make your summer sips a little extra, then you’re in luck. Starbucks has released a new line of reusable color-changing cold cups that are perfect for all your favorite ice cold drinks.

To see the magic unfold, all you’ll have to do is fill the cup with cold liquid. This will prompt the cup to change colors, creating a beautiful ombre effect. Unlike last year’s collection which featured soft pastel shades, this year’s lineup features bolder and more vibrant hues.


Spruce up your favorite summer sips with Starbucks’ latest collection of reusable color-changing cups

So, the color transition is more intense, with a clear distinction between the hues that’s just impossible not to notice. In a way, it’s a stylish way of letting your colleagues know that you’ve had your morning cup. Which, in turn, would mean that it’s finally safe to approach you in the morning.

The cups can hold up to 24 fluid ounces each and come in five vibrant shades—tomato, peach, marigold, sea and cobalt. According to the packaging, you just have to add ice to your drink “to conjure up a different color.” Here are the color changes: tomato to aubergine, peach to hot pink, marigold to tangerine, sea to ocean and cobalt to deep purple.

Do note, though, that you can only purchase the cups by the set. Well, that’s a good thing since you can get all colors in just a single purchase. Besides, you don’t have to go through the dilemma of having to decide on a favorite. On top of that, you can literally have different cups for different drinks!

Each set also comes with detachable lids and straws. So, you can playfully mix and match the pieces depending on your mood and preference. Now, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to decide which drink goes into which cup!

Apparently, these colorful cups are already popping up at multiple Starbucks locations nationwide. We’ve also spotted quite a few resellers on Etsy. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time snagging a set for yourself. Get yours now before summer officially kicks in!