Fire Breathing Dragon Wood-Burning Stove

If you love dragons just a bit too much, then chances are you’re always on the lookout for awesome items inspired by these fiery creatures. By now, you’ve probably got yourself a dragon faucet and a dragon lamp. But if you want something grander and perfect for outdoor display, then look no further than this dragon wood-burning stove!

Made of steel and coated with heat-resistant lacquer, this freestanding fireplace comes in form of the legendary medieval mythical creature. According to its creator laandpa, this log burner has undergone a unique acid process which gives it a weathered appearance and rustic appeal. It stands 70.87 inches tall and has a base diameter of 31.50 inches. So, this colossal chimenea is sure to keep you warm even on the coolest days.

fire breathing mythical creature chimenea


fire breathing mythical creature statue


This massive dragon wood-burning stove will make your dream of becoming a real-life Mother (or Father) of Dragons come true!

dragon wood burning stove statue


fire breathing dragon wood burning stove statue

But there’s more to this stove than its majestic appearance and exceptional craftsmanship. In fact, you’ll appreciate it even more when it’s in use. Because as soon as you burn wood in it, fire starts to come out of the dragon’s mouth, making it look as though it’s breathing fire. And for a dragon aficionado, we bet that that’s the ultimate fruition of your mythical fantasies. So, even if there’s possibly no way for you to encounter a dragon in this lifetime, at least you can get yourself a fire-breathing dragon stove.

dragon wood burning stove


fire breathing dragon wood burning stove

This portable fireplace also comes with four bolt-down anchor bolt lugs on the base. These allow you to fasten it onto the ground for stability and security purposes. Aside from keeping you warm on chilly days, this giant stove also doubles as a stunning statue when not in use. Indeed, it makes a fantastic piece to decorate your patio, garden, or backyard with.

fire breathing mythical creature chimenea statue


fire breathing mythical creature log burner

Although it’s suitable for outdoor use, keep in mind that steel does rust over time, so occasional maintenance is necessary. For starters, you may spray it with lacquer a few times a year to preserve its luster. Feel free to contact laandpa via their eBay page for more information on this fantastical wood-burning stove.

Source: laandpa Silver | Bronze